Saturday, December 3, 2011

The Smurfs on DVD is available for Christmas!!

I was so excited to hear that The Smurfs DVD is available NOW!

We saw The Smurfs movie in July and we LOVED it. All the favorite characters are back including: Clumsy, Grouchy, Jokey, Smurfette and of course Papa! The Evil wizard Gargamel (played by Hank Azaria) chases the Smurfs out of their village through a portal landing. The poor Smurfs wind up in the middle of Central Park in NYC. What a surprise that none of the New Yorkers seem fazed at all by the little blue smurfs running amok.

They end up falling into a box after being chased by Gargamel. They and turn the life of two soon to be parents (Neil Patrick Harris and Jayma Mays), completely upside down. They help the Smurfs work their way back to their world and build their own confidence about their future parenting skills. The Smurfs go crazy in FAO Schwartz, while constantly singing their little theme song "La La La La La La..." You will never forget that!

My little one loved The Smurfs movie so much that I will be buying the DVD this weekend. It would make a great Christmas, Hanukkah or Kwanzaa gift for any child (or anyone who loves The Smurfs). If you are a Katy Perry fan don't forget that she is the voice of the female S

murfette too! I would love to know where Mama Smurf is though...maybe that will be answered in the next sequel.

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