Saturday, June 23, 2012

Blog Review: Ecover Liquid Concentrate Laundry Detergent Sunny Day

I recently discovered Ecover Laundry Liquid 2.5X concentrate Sunny Day through  It is a great everyday laundry detergent.   The most exciting part is that it is made by a trusted name, Ecover AND it is a totally green laundry detergent that works!  I try where ever I can to use natural products in my home and laundry detergent is no exception.  I am so particular about my clothes though, that I have been hesitant to use a "natural" or green laundry detergent.  

I always worried that my clothes would not be as clean, or as bright, or worse, that the stains would not come out.  You know, the things we all worry about. In the past it was always a tough choice, either you went "green" and nothing was as clean and bright or you used the standard commercially based detergents and felt guilty all the time and worried about he chemicals.  

 I found that Ecover Laundry Liquid 2.5X concentrate Sunny Day works really well on my clothes as well as my family's clothes. It gets my gym clothes fresh and clean too--that is a feat unto itself since I work out really hard in my boot camp classes.

 I like that it works with my HE machine and has a fresh, light fragrance.   Plus the Ecover site says that it is packaged in an innovative, 100% PlantPlastic bottle.  The bottles cut out the need for petrochemicals and are 100% Recyclable and 100% Renewable.  They are actually made from responsibly harvested sugarcane! Isn't that super?  The other  neat part about Ecover Laundry Liquid is that you use so little to get your clothes clean. It really is super concentrated. Check this out: 

1 cap = approx. 1 fl oz
 HE-machine Standard
Medium loads  1 fl oz  1.5 fl oz
Large loads or Heavily soiled medium loads  1.5 fl oz  2.5 fl oz

  • HE compatible
  • keeps colors bright
  • tackles tough stains
  • fresh fragrance from plant-based ingredients
  • no chlorine
  • no phosphates
  • no optical brighteners
  • biodegradable
  • suitable for septic tanks
  • not tested on animals
I recommend you give Ecover Liquid Laundry Concentrate a try.   If you don't like scent, they have a "Zero" version with no scent.  There is also a powder formulation if that is your preference as well.

I was provided with a free sample of Ecover Liquid Laundry Concentrate through  However, all opinions are my own.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Pillsbury Baguette Chips Review and Sweepstakes

I bet you might be looking for ways to spice up your snacking routines this summer. Pillsbury knows just how you feel and wants to awaken your taste buds with their new Pillsbury® Baguette Chips! They are super yummy and have 50% less fat than regular potato chips.  We enjoyed them instead of the usual hum-drum croutons on our cool composed salad this weekend and as an extra on our Broccoli-Cheddar Soup.  I love  the different flavors too-so delicious! 

These hearty chips are sliced from oven baked bread and topped with savory seasonings.  There are two yummy varieties--Italian Cheese & Herb and Cheddar Sun-dried Tomato gourmet snack chips. The delicious flavors and perfect texture of both kinds crispy chips can help you make any recipe a little zippier!

  • Enjoy Pillsbury Baguette Chips for a all kinds of occasions: eat them alone, add a bit more flavor to your favorite dip, spice up soup, or add some crunch to your salad! Don't forget those summer BBQ's too!
  • With 130 calories per serving (21 baguette chips), and 50% less fat than regular potato chips*, Pillsbury Baguette Chips are delicious snack chips that you can feel good about eating
If that’s not enough to get your mouth watering, then check out these delicious chips for yourself.  To download a printable coupon for $0.75 off one package, you and your readers can visit today!
*Pillsbury Baguette Chips (5g fat per 29g serving); regular potato chips (11g fat per 29g serving).  See nutrition information for sodium content.|Also find Pillsbury on:
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 “Disclosure:  The product, gift pack, information, and additional sample have been provided by General Mills through MyBlogSpark.”

Pillsbury Ready To Bake Shape Cookies (plus coupon!) in Disney Shapes featuring Phineas & Ferb

Whether you´re celebrating a holiday or simply spending time with loved ones, there´s always a perfect opportunity to make and enjoy Pillsbury® Ready to Bake!TM Shape Cookies. Complete with the magic of Disney and now featuring Phineas and Ferb, you and your family can celebrate any occasion with these delicious cookies. What´s even better is that they´re ready to enjoy in 8-10 minutes!

Visit to download a printable coupon for $1.10 off any Pillsbury® Refrigerated Disney Shape® Cookies today!

The coupon was provided by General Mills through #MyBlogSpark.

Dry Idea Contest and way to stay fresh and dry in the summer heat!

I recently re-discovered Dry Idea as a great way to stay fresh and dry every day.  It is a super combination of  effective antiperspirant and deodorant.  The days have really started getting warm and sticky in the mid-Atlantic area and I need something that is going to keep me dry all day long. Dry Idea has really been working for me.  I have to dress formally for work but I am in and out of offices all day long.  I always worry about making sure I am fresh throughout the day.  I have tried so many products that claim they are super antiperspirants and deodorants and I have have that nagging feeling...with Dry Idea I don't seem to have to worry at all. It has been working throughout the day.....and even the evening. One evening I had a client dinner right after work and didn't get home until 10:30pm.  I was fresh and lovely the whole time!!  

You can get more information on all the varieties and formulations at Dry Idea.  They have a formulation that is right for everyone from Clear Gel to Invisible Solid to Roll On.  The Invisible Solid protects for 48 hours too!  Sign up to be a big Dry Idea Sweepstakes winner by clicking here.  You can also sign up to win in my Rafflecopter contest on my blog below for an additional chance to win a free coupon for a Dry Idea AdvancedDry.  a Rafflecopter giveaway

Dry Idea provided a free sample of their Advanced Dry Roll-On so I could review it.  However, all of the opinions expressed here are my own.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

My McCormick Grill Mates Grill Ambassadors Party

I was really excited to be chosen to host a McCormick Grill Mates party as a member of Crowdtap.  Here is the Crowdtap link if you would like to join and get in on some of these great opportunities to connect with brands you love and possibly get some products to try and share with others!  It was a great opportunity to get together with friends Memorial Day weekend.  We had a ton of fun down at the beach house.  We got the grill going with some help from McCormick Grill Mates.  They sent us a bunch of great items in our party kit:

  • Party Booklet
  • Grill Mates® Spiced Brandy & Herb Marinade
  • Grill Mates® Slow and Low Memphis Pit BBQ Rub
  • Grill Mates® Montreal Steak Seasoning Blend
  • Grill Mates® Molasses Bacon Seasoning Blend
  • Grill Mates® Brown Sugar Bourbon BBQ Sauce

  • We grilled up a ton of yummy Spiced Brandy & Herb Marinade chicken wings and the Grill Mates Molasses Bacon Seasoning made the burgers taste out of this world.  I made up a big batch of yummy pasta salad with fresh orange peppers, scallions, zucchini and green squash.  I tossed it with a quick sauce made with dijon mustard, red wine vinegar, pepper and a few other secret additions.  Of course I made a giant salad with lots of fresh arugula and summer baby tomatoes. We baked some fresh brownies for dessert with ice cream.   It was a beautiful day and the weather held up all afternoon.  

    Hope everyone had a safe and enjoyable Memorial Day.