Monday, September 3, 2012

The Magic Tap Blog Christmas Giveaway & Exclusive Deal

I discovered another great product this summer through the SwagSuite at the BlogHer conference.  I had never heard of the Magic Tap® before but have found it to be super useful. It is a wonderful little beverage dispenser!  If you have lots of thirsty kids or if you are just someone who likes to drink water or other beverages often you will love it too!  It is perfect for someone who has arthritis or limited hand or arm movement as well.  It just makes dispensing any beverage so easy.  No lifting, opening, maneuvering or anything like that.  I really love my Magic Tap® since it makes it easy when you have the kids running around. They can just reach into the refrigerator and get their own water without me worrying about spills. 

Magic Tap is offering my readers and special promo you can get $15.00 buy 1 and get 1 FREE plus 15% off by buying it directly.  Here's the quick and dirty math: You will get 2 Magic Tap devices for just $12.75 +$8.99 shipping and handling. That’s a 15% SAVINGS and one for FREE too!  So each Magic Tap device ends up being just $10.87 shipped!  You can get an early start on those holiday gifts.  What a great little gadget for Christmas present or even for that Secret Santa gift

1   The Magic Tap® will dispense up to 28 gallons of your favorite beverage on two AA batteries. Wow--is that cool?  We used it for a week straight and drank right through 10 huge bottles of Poland Spring water when we were at the beach. It was so easy to pop it right on a new bottle too.  The little ones drank a ton of water just because it was so fun to use.  Shhh...lets not let the cat out of the bag and remind them how healthy it is to drink water too. It is still going strong with the same batteries two weeks later and we drink a lot. It can even be that early birthday present to yourself!

  •    The Magic Tap® features a swiveling top which will allow you to easily turn the spout to the side when not in use, further ensuring that the trigger will not be accidentally activated.
  •     There seems to be no limit to any large format beverage bottle that the patent-pending universal cap won’t fit.  Buy in bulk, save $$$ and stop all that  back breaking lifting and end those messy spills that come with trying to pour from those giant containers and bottles!
  •    You can use The Magic Tap® to dispense your favorite non-carbonated beverages including milk, sports drinks, ice tea, Kool-Aid, water and any number of juices. Just remember, the Magic Tap® is not designed to dispense beverages containing heavy pulp but other than that you are good to go.  

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One Glamamama's Goodies reader will win a Magic Tap Drink Dispenser! 

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Timshaun said...

I plan to use the magic tap on our milk.
Shaunda.Eppes at gmail dot com

c allen said...

i would use this on orange juice thanks crystal allen

Eve said...

That looks like an awesome product!

Eliz said...

This is an amazing invention. We drink lots of iced tea and I would use it in the fridge!

Amy H said...

milk for kids