Tuesday, October 16, 2012

BrandX on FX Crowdtap Party

Congratulations. You’ve been selected to host a BrandX viewing party.  Now, this was super-exciting news!  What could be a more fun way to start a day?  I was lucky enough to be chosen to host a Brand X party through my association with Crowdtap.  Russell Brand is hilarious and crazy and that is a pefect combination for a party in my mind!

Brand X on FX invited me and your friends to be a part of BrandX’s audience on October11th at 11pm. So I set up my party for everyone to arrive at about 8:30pm or so. We got  to share your own crazy and unfiltered opinions on the topics covered in the BrandX show.  Okay, I admit it...we are not as crazy as Russell Brand but we still could enjoy and live vicariously through his escapades.  Every episode of BrandX is a totally interactive experience that relies on real life personal stories and even just everyday, ordinary experiences from the audience. We were able to contribute to the conversation and it was a lot of fun.

I received a great kit to help set up my party and get everybody familiar with the show and Russell Brand including:

*Info about Russell Brand and the new season of BrandX
*A party planning guide to help us really enjoy the sho
*Interactive activities & challenges designed to recreate a live BrandX audience
*A MASSIVE stash of exclusive videos and some crazy behind-the-scene looks at BrandX

I made some great snacks including my super-delish homemade apple pie, we had some wine, plenty of Keurig Kcups and some yummy cookies. We laughed a lot and I was able to tweet live during the party. You should check out BrandX on FX....I think you will really love it!  You can find out more by checking out the BrandX social networks @BRANDXONFX  and on Facebook. You can also check out their brand social connect HERE.  Enjoy the show!

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