Tuesday, October 16, 2012

SpecialK #The Protein Effect

What is The Protein Effect?  Good question!  I have the answer too and it might surprise you!  Protein combined with fiber has been shown to make you feel full longer.  Experience The Protein Effect with the NEW Special K® Protein line. Each product has a unique combination of protein and fiber that helps satisfy hunger longer.  

I have know this about the protein-fiber combo for a while and I was excited to hear that Special K® created some special products based on this information.  I love the way they created a bunch of yummy snacks and meals to help you take advantage of the Protein Effect too! 

For example, the delicious, protein-packed Protein Plus breakfast cereal, you’ll be ready to power through any ol’ morning.Another option for busy days is the caramel peanut protein meal bar is a perfect combination of healthy and yummy to satisfy any hunger.Keep your taste buds happy with this not so average Cranberry Walnut protein meal bar, packed with protein and fiber.

You can satisfy hunger and fend off temptations anywhere with a perfectly portable Special K® Protein Shake in two delicious flavors. One of my tricks is to freeze it for about 20 minutes so it is like a yummy slushy shake!

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Disclosure:  I was lucky enough to get a free Special K® gift box with free product samples through my relationship with Style Hunters.  As always, all opinions are my own.

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