Sunday, March 17, 2013

Wow Wee Art See Studios Review Kids 3+ Ipad Tech Toy

I recently received a wonderful new creative high tech toy, ArtSee Studio for kids age 3+ from WowWee.  It works with your own ipad (any generation) which slides right in the sturdy case (think:  protected!) you download the free ArtSee Studio app from the itunes store and it works seamlessly together.  We have been having so much fun with it I have had to ration it out to make sure the homework gets done on time. The funny part is, it says 3+ but it definitely is a game that grows with the child.  Little ones can start out with the simpler pre-set scenes and add to them.  Ass they learn, they can really develop and combine the different aspects, create their own scenes and make some cool creations!  They can even take a picture of themselves with the ipad and incorporate their picture into an art scene on the app. How fun is that?  My school age daughter keeps saying, "There is so much cool stuff to do with ArtSee Studio, I can't believe they say it is for 3+." 
You can see above that ArtSee Studio has tons of variations that can be combined and mixed to make animated pictures and unbelievable scenes.  Think of all the creativity they can do with 72 stamp variations, 15 roller with neat patterns, 3 built in theme packs, 60 challenging activities in 5 different games plus 18 coloring pages!  Imagine the fun peace and quiet for you kids can have even for long plane trips or car adventures.  ArtSee Studio comes with a stylus and tools that are all easy to work with and are durably constructed.  Your ipad any model (I happen to have an ipad 3) fits very easily in the well constructed and colorful case which you can see above in the first picture.  ArtSee Studio even designed their case with a movable protective block so that younger children can't accidentally click themselves out of the app and into your important stuff.
They can play learning games, create cool patterns, play music and even add animation and special effects on screen.  It is fun to do together with grown-ups too. We love that you can save the pictures to the ArtSee app or send them to the Art See gallery.  You can even send them to Gramma!  It includes an easy to grip stylus which young artists can use as a pencil, marker, crayon or paintbrush.  They can then start using the stamps to add more detail, animation, sound or more sophistication to their creation.  Grown-ups will be glad to know there are hidden parental controls which also include sound adjustment aaah my ears say thank you too.  G-d bless them.  Little ones can start out with the pre-set scenes and add animals or vehicles to them and go from there.
You can combine themes within the ArtSee Studio too. You can see below we were creating a safari scene. We took a vehicle from one scene and added it to the safari and then went back and added grass and footsteps...ooops someone jumped out of the Range Rover....better watch out because we were just going to add the wild fast!!!! 
The ArtSee Studio sells for $39.99 and you can buy it directly from the WowWee online store You can follow ArtSee Studio on Twitter and on Facebook to keep up with all their new creative entertainment products.

Disclaimer:  I received a complimentary copy of ArtSee Studios in order to evaluate it and provide my opinion.  As always, my opinions are my own.


Anna reeds said...

this is a great digital art i ever see, thanks

Randall said...

Glamamama, I didn't this the Artsee Studio would offer so much of playability. It looks like a toy that grows with your child. I love all the different tools it comes with. The stamper looks incredibly fun. I love how there are themes which make it easier to craft your drawings.