Sunday, May 19, 2013

#BlackBerryZ10 Keep Moving CrowdTap Party #IWantMyBBZ10 #StoryMaker @VerizonInsider

Disclaimer: I received a BlackBerry Z10, a giftcard and USB branded pens complimentary through CrowdTap in order to review and share my opinions.  As always, my opinions are my own.

#BlackBerryZ10 #IWantMyBBZ10  #StoryMaker @VerizonInsider 
Verizon is celebrating the launch of the sleek new BlackBerry® Z10.  I was lucky enough to be chosen by CrowdTap to receive a brand new  BlackBerry® Z10 to check out for myself and share all the great features with my friends at a get together. We decided to have a dinner out at a casual but fun Turkish restaurant where we could chat, drink some wine and get to know the new BlackBerry® Z10.   Everyone had an opportunity to win a BlackBerry® Z10 of their own by a giveaway on Twitter too! 

Wow, has BlackBerry® come a long way baby!  I was pretty impressed with how light and sleek this new BlackBerry is.  I love the clean look and feel of the phone.   First things first:  no more cumbersome keyboard.  All 100% touch screen now.  Yup, I know....very different in a good way.  The look and feel of the phone is not so different from the high end android or Apple phones you might be familiar with.  The new BlackBerry® Z10 has a really modern look and it is easy to get to know.   You can do everything from the BlackBerry Hub 1-2-3. You can access all of your messages, email and social media updates in the BlackBerry Hub, and respond right away without going back and forth.  Everyone at the party loved that. BlackBerry® Z10 has a easy virtual keyboard and still keeps the BBM (BlackBerry Messenger) that you know and love. The calendar feature is very cool.  You can invite people to a particular type of meeting and the next time you schedule the same type of meeting, BlackBerry will remember the previous people that were invited.  Sweet, right?  Everyone liked the Micro-HDMI port and was pretty impressed with the 8-megapixel camera that actually has built-in editing tools that are super easy to master. 

We ordered a bunch of tapas like appetizers and foods we could share and checked out all the features of the new BlackBerry® Z10 while we ate and had a few glasses of wine. We took some fun pictures and created a little movie with the BlackBerry® Z10 MovieMaker. It was really easy to do and kind of fun.  The MovieMaker app is fairly easy to start using right away and you can really do alot with it. You can flip-flop the order of the pictures and add snippets of video. You can cut bits of video and change the coloration kind of like with Instagram. You can really make something pretty professional if you use all the features. Any which way it is lots of fun!

I gotta say, the lighweight BlackBerry® Z10 and thin frame was popular with the women too....Karen was thinking it really wouldn't weigh down her purse which she liked alot.  The phone is 5.1 inches tall, 2.6 inches wide, and 0.35 inch thick -- only a tiny bit deeper than the iPhone 5. It weighs 4.8-ounces which is in line with the phone's proportions.  Several people commented that they thought the  BlackBerry® Z10 had a much more comfortable grip than the iPhone.  The back of the phone has a bit of texture which helps with the grip.

The BlackBerry Z10 can be snapped right up at Verizon for about $199.00.  You really should consider will enjoy all the new features in line for 2013 and beyond!

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