Friday, May 24, 2013

Need Camp Labels? Gotta Love Kidecals Labels!

Disclaimer: I received Kidecals complementary in order to review and evaluate them. As always, my opinions are my own since I am fortunate to live in the good ole' USA.
Aaah, we have lost so many items over the years at school, camp...who knows where some of it disappeared to.  A few things I would try to remember to scribble on with a Sharpie (didn't work out too well and you really couldn't read it!) but never consistently.  I really needed a better system. 
With camp season looming in the very close distance, I was excited to hear from Kidecals.  They have oodles of adorable AND durable labels, stickers and decals that will hold up to water, washing machines, dryers, dishwashers  and hot summer days! Perfect for what we need like all the camp clothes and water bottles.  Ugh, how many water bottles went missing last year? I don't even want to tell you.  I tried with that Sharpie again...epic fail. It kept coming off when I washed the water bottle. Kidecals to the rescue this year---yay!

At least now we know her clothes and all her stuff will come back home every, camp...even the special trips! I was happy to hear that Kidecals is family run and based out of Colorado but they are totally online so you can order personalized labels from anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  I don't know if you are a mom like me, but I end up buying online late at night because that is the only time I can do it.  Sigh. Nice to know that you can order your Kidecals when the time is finally kinda vaguely quiet for you to sit down and do it in relative peace. 

Kidecals is a really innovative company.  They have created so many different kinds of personalized label products!  I was amazed at all the styles and colors available. You can shop by style, age or type of label so they make it very easy.  They have fun patterns and crazy colors, even elegant labels in The Parent's Corner like the one above for when I actually get around to baking (I really do bake sometimes!) We were really excited by our rainbow camp labels that we pretty.    Here are some of the options that Kidecals has one their website:
  • allergy
  • thin name
  • round name
  • daycare
  • camp
  • DIY and gift labels
  • organizing
  • luggage labels
  • fun stickers
  • wall decals
You can choose different size packages to suit your needs too and the prices are reasonable with FREE SHIPPING all the time.   The prices below are for the camp labels that I received.

24 approx. 2 x .5 inch labels and 54 1 x 25 inch labels = 78 labels

120 approx 1 x .25 inch labels = 120 labels (they're tiny, but mighty!)

Kidecals sent Glamamamas Goodies the Mini Set.  It was perfect for me with 120 labels to pop onto all the clothes that are going to camp including the sweaters and sweatshirts that used to disappear.  Also the water bottle that will now make it through the WHOLE summer because we know whose name is on it now! 

You can check out more Kidecals on their website, on Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook as well.

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