Tuesday, May 21, 2013

PowerBar® Performance Energy Blends Review #IGotItFree

DISCLOSURE: I received samples of PowerBar® Performance Energy Blends from BzzAgent in order to evaluate them and share my thoughts about them.  However, my opinions are always my own since this is a free world and I live in the good ole' USA.

I remember PowerBar from way back in the '90's and they really have expanded the product line since the earlier days.  I love some of the newer PowerBar options including the new PowerBar® Performance Energy Blends.  I always make an effort to eat more natural and/or organic foods when I can. PowerBar® Performance Energy Blends were created for people who workout alot, workout hard or compete.  Perfect for those athletes and fit men and women who are kind of tired of the current gels that are out on the market.  PowerBar® Performance Energy Blends provides quality, natural kinds of energy during hard workouts and endurance activities.

PowerBar® Performance Energy Blends were created for high-endurance athletes looking for different nutrition options to fuel endurance performance:
  • fruit-based energy food formulated with PowerBar’s C2Max, 
  • 2:1 glucose to fructose blend found to 
  • delivers 20-50% more energy to muscles than glucose alone and 
  • improve endurance performance by 8% 
  •  They’re also a good source of vitamin C.
PowerBar® Performance Energy Blends taste like real food. Wow, what a revolution!
Banana Blueberry and Apple Mango Strawberry both taste like you just pureed them up fresh and sealed them into a pouch. Really yummy and no funny stuff in there either.

Give them a try

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