Saturday, June 29, 2013

Kid's Chocolate Birthday Party at 2 Chicks With Chocolate #sponsored #kidsbirthdaypartyidea

Every year I start searching...a few months ahead of time. You know.  I bet you do it too.  I ask friends, co-workers, I look through the local papers trying to come up with ideas.  Yup, the little one's birthday party.  What to do?  It is always so hard to come up with an exciting birthday party idea that will be a hit with the kids and not be a ton of work for Mommy.  I have had mixed results over the years too.  Not this year. 100% success...I was so happy and so was my birthday girl. Everyone raved about what a great party it was..from the kids to the moms. It was truly seamless and so stress free for me I couldn't believe it.

The birthday parties at home were always just a TON of work. I don't regret them but it just was exhausting. Not to mention the cleanup after. Yikes.  Swimming parties, bouncing parties, gymnastics parties...just to name a few. They were all okay.  Something always didn't go smoothly.  This year was the first exception.  2 Chicks with Chocolate wins the Gold Star Award for kid's birthday parties.  What a fantastic party.  Vanessa took care of every-single-little-thing!  It was completely worry free and the kids all had a fantastic time.

I had been to 2 Chicks with Chocolate a bunch of times over the past few years in East Brunswick, New Jersey.  Once I found them, it became my go-to place for all my chocolate gifting needs.  They have adorable chocolates for kid's and elegant chocolates of all kinds for adults.  I was there a few months ago and noticed a brochure that mentioned kid's birthday parties.  Ding dong!  The perfect kid's birthday party idea had come to me.  Of course I ran it by Miss Little One and she was dancing in circles she was so excited by the idea. 

As the time got closer we narrowed down the invitees, 2 Chicks with Chocolate likes to keep it at a maximum of 15 kids.  We ended up with 12 including the birthday girl.  Elyissia gave me three options for parties from the "Deliciously Simple" to "A lot More Yum." You can see all the options here.  I was on a budget so I decided on the "Deliciously Simple."  The girls loved decorating the hats, dipping all the goodies and decorating the giant chocolate plaque.  They got graham crackers, gummy fish, oreos and a bunch of other items to dip. Each child got their own cup of dipping chocolate. There were plates of decors and the girls went to town. The bar of chocolate they each decorated was the size of a large dinner plate!  Each child got a palette of colored melted chocolate and a paintbrush to draw their own edible designs. After each activity, they received a cello bag to store the treats they didn't eat. 

I had arranged for pizza which they ate before they started with the chocolate activities which worked out perfectly...totally the best kid's birthday party idea ever.  I also brought tablecloths, juices, bottled water, napkins, plates and a beautiful cake.  They can arrange for most that if you like in package #3 below.

I would absolutely recommend 2 Chicks With Chocolate for your child's birthday party.  It was a fantastic time and so easy for me too!  There are now several locations in East Brunswick, NJ and beyond.  Check them both out and tell Elyissia hi for me!

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