Saturday, July 20, 2013

Tryout Talent Network Review #Tryout

Disclaimer:  I received a complimentary 30 day trial of Tryout through MomSelect.  As always, my opinion is my own.

I recently heard about a great new site called Tryout for moms or dads with kids that have talent.  It is an incredible talent network. It is also an amazing way to potentially move your child's career to the next level...FAST! How would you like to get advice directly from Colbie Caillat or Coco Jones? How about the accredited music producer MJ&iRoK? Think you are in a dream?  Nope, you are a member of Tryout

Okay, now we ALL think our kids are super talented, hey at least I do!  Seriously, so many of our kids today work really hard at baseball, soccer, piano, singing, acting, painting, gymnastics, swim team or a ton of other activities.  Does your child have the dance moves down?  Can they sing like Selena?  Maybe they have another fantastic talent. Many of our kids have some real talent.  The big issue is:  how do you move that talent forward and really get somewhere?  Maybe you might get lucky like one of my former colleagues did with his son and connect up with a talent manager and get your kid's career moving on national tv shows and such, but that is few and far between. Most parents don't know where to turn.

That is where Tryout comes in. Tryout is a talent network that was created by skilled and well connected producers who are working constantly to recruit and match up Pro members (like famous actors, musicians, baseball coaches, voice coaches, art teachers, talent managers, gymnastic coaches etc.) with regular Moms, Dads that have kids with talent.  Tryout is a talent network dedicated to helping you and your child find a place in the spotlight. Tryout has partnered with everyone and everything from branding, sports, and even some big names in the entertainment business.  No one can contact you or your child are in the driver's seat with Tryout

Once you join, you can upload materials, videos, demos...whatever you have to share with the Pros.  You can even upload your Youtube, Flickr and Vimeo contest. Don't forget your PDF files, mp3 or images.  That way your little star is ready for the very next opportunity on Tryout.  Opportunities seem to be getting added almost daily from the chance for a live video-con with a famous band to winning a trip with a famous singer/celebrity.

We joined recently and have been investigating some of the great opportunities.  Go on over to the site and check it out.  Let me know what you think.

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