Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Games Focus Groups Paid $25-75 Per Test Online or NYC

Do you play games on your computer, phone, tablet, or Facebook?

A NYC-based game development studio is looking for men and women of all ages to help them design better games. It's okay if you are not a "serious gamer" -- Facebook and mobile game players are very eligible!

These tests will usually involve participants playing games which are in the process of being developed, and providing feedback on the mechanics, usability, and "fun factor." Some tests will be held in-person in NYC, but many of the projects can be done online, anywhere nationwide.

This research panel will consists of playtests and interviews.  These focus group interviews and focus group play tests  may be conducted online nationwide or in-person in NYC.
Membership in the panel is ongoing. Participants may be asked to participate in multiple playtests over time. You can opt-out of the panel at any time!
In-person research will take place around Union Square, Manhattan. Online research can be done anywhere nationwide.
Participants will be paid on a per-playtest basis. Payment will range from $25-$75.


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