Friday, October 25, 2013

Dropbox A Free Place to Save Pics and Files Online Explained 1-2-3

 Are you one of those people that have 1,000+ pics and videos on your phone or old PC that you have never backed up because you don't know how?  Every once in a while do you have that fleeting panicked feeling of, "What if my phone crashes and all my beautiful photos disappear forever?"  I know you are!

Would you like to find an easy way to back them up and be able to access your pics, videos and what have it from anywhere, anyplace?  No more worries about PC or phone crashes and losing your little one's irreplaceable birthday party photos or videos. Have you heard about Dropbox? It is an easy way to save and back up your files online from your phone or PC.  It is free too.  You get 250MB free when you set up your Dropbox account. That is a lot of pics or videos. Of course if you have tons and tons you can pay for extra space or you can refer friends like I often do. It is a great service and a great way to set your mind at ease and help one another at the same time. My friend Maria was so happy I told her about Dropbox last weekend. She was one of the 1,000 pictures and videos people on her phone that had never been backed up people up until last weekend. She now is a Dropbox lady!

It is super easy to do. You just signup here, download the Dropbox onto your PC or the Dropbox app onto your phone (iphones, androids they are all good!) and you just click and move the files you want to backup into Dropbox. Wallah, that is all you need to do. You files are protected and saved. Don't forget to send new pics and videos there every month or two moving forward in the future.

By the way, you are welcome. Glamamama the great. :)

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