Sunday, January 5, 2014

Boxtera Snack Subscription Box offers Smart Snack Options for Everyone December 2013

Disclosure: I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample of the product for review purposes. The opinions are my own, based on my personal experience with the product.
Boxtera is a healthy, yummy and fun subscription snack service that delivers smart snacks to your doorstep every month.  They have a variety of plans that can accommodate a single person or a small office. You can choose from 5, 10 or 20 full sized packages of Boxtera's smart snacks. Great to make those money saving lunches for you or the kids more exciting even if you are a smaller family or a single.  Saves all that driving to the grocery store too.  If you own a small business, think about how much more productive your employees could be if they knew you were taking care of them with a Boxtera snack subscription box for yummy and smart snacks?  
Each month you will receive 5 ($19.95/mo) , 10 ($29.95/mo) or 20 ($49.95/mo) full-sized packages of Boxtera's smart snacks depending on the plan you choose. These are big bags too.  The subscription plans for their Discovery Boxes all have free shipping too--no surprises here.  An excellent value for what you receive.

Boxtera was founded by Rae Ann L'Hommedieu, a mom of 3 (G-d bless with my one!) who also was working as a licensed massage therapist. Like me, she was constantly searching for nutritious and easy to eat snacks in and she just got plain tired of comparing and translating all those confusing nutrition labels on every product. My husband always wonders why my grocery trips take so long.  Sounds familiar?  Now Rae Ann knew she could not be the only mom out there making herself crazy in the name of health.  She decided to make an easier solution for finding healthy snacks the whole family could enjoy and she created Boxtera's snacks.  Boxtera Subscription Box brings you a lot more for less.  You can see they don't focus on fancy is the food inside that counts, right? Their snacks are yummy, keep reading and you will get all the details on their snacks.

No snacking guilt with Boxtera.  Their products have no weirdo or yucky ingredients:
  • No high-fructose corn syrup
  • No trans fats
  • No artificial sweeteners
  • No artificial flavors
  • No artificial colors
I was able to sample a recent Boxtera subscription that included an innovative and fun variety of snacks that we really enjoyed sharing with family and friends. All Boxtera snacks (including this one) are hand picked with the 5 senses of taste (gustatory perception) in mind which is pretty neat.  So they take into account savory, sour, bitter, sweet and salty in every box.  My box included a Pub Mix (salty), Tangerine Slices (sour), Sesame Kabukim Bites (bitter), Hibiscus Flowerettes (sweet) and BBQ Banana Chips (savory).  
The Pub Mix (Salty) had a nice blend of nuts, pretzels and crackers. It was tasty and fresh. One of the things I really liked about it was that it had a light salty flavor but was not too salty. It actually had just enough of a salty flavor but not enough to make you have that crazy thirst.  This was perfect to put out when we had friends over this weekend. It pretty much disappeared.

The second item was the BBQ Banana Chips (Savory).  I had never had these before and they were totally amazing. I had to seal them up and hide them from myself after I ate a serving. That good. These were crunchy and slightly ever so slightly sweet with a spicy pop.  Just spicy enough but not too much to make you run for a glass of water. Actually, I kept running back to that bag. Good thing all of the bags are resealable. My daughter kept trying to sneak these. I promised her she could take some to school for a snack.

Sesame Kabukim Bites (bitter) was another unusual snack that I had never tried. They looked pretty cool and tasted very light. I liked the ball shape. Little crunchy cracker-like balls coated with sesame.  I didn't sense overt bitterness but I liked the crunch. It was very satisfying with a light sesame flavor. Just kind of light and crunchy. 

The Hibiscus Flowerettes (sweet) were so pretty.  I was familiar with these and I liked the sweet and chewy texture. If you are a dried fruit fan you will enjoy these too. My family also liked these. Boxtera even included a yummy looking recipe for Seared Pork Loin with a Chipotle Hibiscus BBQ Sauce.  I will have to make sure we leave enough of them to make the recipe or a variation of it. I bet I could use chicken or if you were a vegetarian you could sub in a block of tofu and it would also be delicious.  

The last snack in this box was the Tangerine Slices (sour).  As I mentioned, I loved dried fruit and these tangerine slices were delectable. They were slightly sour and sweet at the same time. The texture was fresh and chewy. They even looked appetizing before I popped them in my mouth. Of course the family was clamoring for these too. 

All of the snacks would be nice additions to any lunchbox or after school snack for the kids. The bags are generous and definitely have enough to share with friends and family. I liked that the sodium was not excessive per serving as well. I like salty snacks but so many of the commercial ones are loaded. It really seems like Boxtera strives to find that nice balance between joy and health. I say spend time with your kids and quit chasing the healthy snacks every week.  Order your Boxtera and run on over to the playground, do that craft project with the kids or maybe even take a nap (okay I am dreaming about the nap).  

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Hint Mama said...

Nice to learn about this -- interesting concept. I bet we'd eat the entire box in one seating at my house:)

Barbara Boser said...

The sesame one looks good. :)