Sunday, June 15, 2014

Litter Genie Review #LitterGeniuses #MyLitterGenie @crowdtap

Disclaimer: I received the Litter Genie as part of a Crowdtap Sampling Program.  My opinions are my own based on my personal experience with the product.  I was not financially compensated for this post.

I remember being so excited when I had a baby a few years back (okay so it is a few more than a few years back but who is counting?) because there was something new out there to contain the stinky diapers called a Diaper Genie. It really worked.  We used that up a storm until the mouse was out of diapers then off it went. Meanwhile, back at the ranch here I recently heard about something called a Litter Genie through my membership with Crowdtap. What is a Litter Genie? It is a litter disposal system. Similar idea to the Diaper Genie. It comes pretty much all set up you just have to put the baggies in there and go to town. You tie a knot in the baggie and you just keep putting the dirty litter in there up to 14 days. No smell. Everything is contained in the Litter Genie. It even comes with a convenient scoop and scoop holder on the side.  It looks very modern and sleek and I must say, it really works!

You do need to buy the scoopable litter but it just makes it easier and more convenient. It is a much better way to contain the odor too. It takes up almost no space right next to the litter box too.  This is something everybody that has a cat should own. I have a few friends that have more than one cat. They need one of these too! The Litter Genie is a bargain sells for about $15.00 or less at most major stores.  You can pick up refills for the bags for about the same price. Very reasonable considering it resolves a very stinky problem for cat owners. Honestly, I can't even put a price on fresh air but since it is so low it is not an issue.

The Litter Genie was a breeze to set up. The instructions had good pictures and instructions on how to set it up and refill it.  I really like the built in scoop and a scoop holder too.  My hubby and I set it up together for Miss Charlotte. He even thought it was a excellent idea. All you have to do is scoop the poop, lift the lid and drop the clumps in the Litter Genie. Then you close the lid and pull on the handle. Done. Seriously, you just open the Litter Genie right in the middle, use the built in cutter to cut the bag off and tie it, then you pull down the plastic to the bottom, tie another knot and close it back up. The icky clumps are now sealed in your Litter Genie for up to 14 days.  It is almost as simple to empty the bag as well. Give yourself a few minutes to practice this part especially using the built in bag cutter. It is a little learning curve I think to get this part but after a few times it was super easy. You have to make sure you are giving yourself enough film to tie it off when you are pulling it down.  Just like anything it takes a few times to get comfortable with it and then it is a breeze.

Let me know if you have a Litter Genie and how it is working for you and your cats.

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