Monday, July 28, 2014

Organic Golden Flax Seed for good health: a Review #goldenflaxseed

You know that I am the healthy and fit mama by now. Well, if you had an 80+ year old mama yourself who keeps herself in tip-top shape it would motivate you too. I really find I have to work harder to keep my body in great shape and I rely on supplements and things like Golden Flax Seed to help me out a little bit. The nice part about Golden Flax seed is that it is the perfect option to get Certified Organic Omega 3s for Vegetarians and Vegans. This was always an issue for my husband since he is vegetarian. Now you have a great way to add those Omega 3's into your diet if you follow a Vegetarian or Vegan lifestyle. I still like to sneak in some lean meat, chicken and fish here and there but I need my Omega 3's so I love my Golden Flax seed.

I recently had the opportunity to try out an organic, non-GMO American grown and processed Golden Flax seed that is actually packaged in downtown Chicago from eSutras.  I love to support US based businesses so I was thrilled to check them out. I love that this Golden Flax seed is non-GMO.  That makes me feel wonderful.

This is so easy to use have three options with this easy to handle 8oz container: Flip Top, Sprinkle or Pour to your desired amount!  Studies have indicated that Golden Flax seed can help heart disease and has the potential to lower cholesterol.  It has been shown to have high levels of Alpha linoleic acid as well. This is one type of Omega 3 fatty acid, similar to those found in fish such as salmon.

A best practice is to grind flaxseed in a coffee or seed grinder in order to enhance their digestibility and increase their nutritional value. I have an extra grinder that I use for nuts and seeds. They are very inexpensive and great to have around the kitchen. If you are going to add ground flaxseed to a cooked cereal or grain dish eSutras suggests doing so at the end of cooking since the soluble fiber in the flaxseed can thicken liquids if left too long.

Ideas for flaxseed recipes are everywhere from Pinterest to Instagram. Some of the ways I often use Golden Flax Seed is to sprinkle ground flaxseed onto my hot or cold cereal like oatmeal.  I always add a bit of ground flaxseed to my homemade muffins and bread recipes. A fave and fast flax seed energy shake for breakfast is easy too. Add ground flaxseed to a blender along with a frozen banana, a bit of spinach, some almond milk (or dairy milk) and some fruit. Try blueberries, cherries, peaches or whatever is available and blend it up with some ice. You can also sprinkle some ground flaxseed on cooked vegetables for a nice, nutty flavor.  The possibilities are really endless. You can even add a tablespoon of flaxseed oil to smoothies to give a delicious treat a fiber boost!

I was impressed with the quality of the Organic Golden Flaxseed that eSutras sent me. It tasted fresh and ground up smoothly.  I used it in a smoothie that I shared with my little one. She thought it was yummy and so did I. I plan on baking some banana chocolate chip muffins later this week and you can bet they will have some Golden Flaxseed in there (shhh, don't tell hubby he loves it as long as I don't tell him what I have hidden inside my treats!).  The container is convenient and stores well. I am happy that eSutras Organic Golden Flax seed is available on Amazon since it makes my shopping very convenient.
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