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Matcha De Mark Green Tea Powder Review #matchademark

I love green tea of all kinds.  I guess I just really enjoy the variety of flavors plus the energy boost.  I recently had the opportunity to try Matcha De Mark culinary grade Matcha Green Tea Powder.  Have you tried matcha green tea before? It is a wonderful option to use as a base for  Lattes, Smoothies and even for baking unique desserts. Matcha started to become very popular after that famous nationally known coffee franchise Star-you-know-bucks added matcha to their Matcha Lattes. Yummy yummy but theirs costs so much! You can make it just as fresh and delicious for a lot less yourself with Matcha De Mark culinary grade Matcha Green Tea Powder.

You can use Matcha in tons of ways from cooking and baking to special drinks. Matcha can actually increase the metabolism which can help you to burn calories and fat naturally.Matcha De Mark culinary grade Matcha Green Tea Powder is shipped from a USDA certified 100% organic supplier in China.  I like that the company even shared that they have all the documents showing USDA organic certification.  I love the way the matcha tastes but it makes me feel good to know it is totally organic too!   The supplier is so devoted to teaching the health benefits that they even hosts symposiums from time to time on organic farming methods for international visitors.

Matcha De Mark culinary grade Matcha Green Tea Powder has chosen their supplier for additional reasons as well.  Their supplier has also won numerous awards for taste in China. I was even more excited because when I got my Matcha De Mark culinary grade Matcha Green Tea Powder it came with a complimentary 100 recipe eBook broken into 2 sections. 50 weight loss or low calorie recipes and 50 rich decadent recipes for those special meals, desserts or drinks. They even have a private Matcha Recipe club, that is free to join.  Members submit their best new Matcha recipe and one member each month wins a free 5oz supply of Matcha De Mark Green Tea Powder. The recipe will then be shared with all members.

Matcha has tons of health benefits too. Matcha can now be found in numerous health food products ranging from cereal to energy bars. In 2003, researchers from the University of Colorado found that the concentration of the antioxidant EGCG available from drinking matcha is at least three times greater than the amount of EGCG available from other commercially available green teas.  It has been postulated that the health benefits of matcha green tea is due to the fact that matcha is made from the whole tea leaf.   In other words, matcha delivers a much higher potency of catechins, chlorophyll, and antioxidants.

Matcha has so many benefits.  By weight matcha contains several dozen times more antioxidants (> 1000 mmol/100g more than blueberries (~9 mmol/100g),  wolfberries,  pomegranates,  orange juice, spinach (~1 mmol/100g) or dark chocolate (~11 mmol/100g). Data from clinical trials suggest that theanine, when consumed by drinking Japanese green teas, may help to reduce or moderate mental stress responses. Lordy knows I need stress relief so I have been drinking my Matcha De Mark Almond Latte several times a week.  Sometimes I alternate it with the recipe below. I have noticed I am not as stressed as usual.  Perhaps it is the matcha!

A study by Kao et al (2000), reported the following: “We found that EGCG (found in Matcha Green Tea)…significantly reduced food intake and body weight.” This highlights how Matcha Green Tea works to suppress your appetite through regulating hormones such as Leptin which tell your brain that you are satisfied and full.  Furthermore, a recent publication by the American Society of Clinical Nutrition found that frequent consumption of quality Matcha Green Tea enhances the efficiency of the human body in utilizing energy. The research showed that the daily energy expenditure rate of adults increases 35-45% with regular consumption of Matcha Green Tea.

Do you need some new recipe ideas for Matcha Green Tea? Take a peek at all the yummy recipes that Matcha De Mark has created just for you. I tried a few and they were all delicious. Here is one that I added my own little spin to it.  I always have to be a little bit different!

Glamamama's Banana Mint Matcha Smoothie

1 frozen banana
1/2 cup Greek yogurt, plain nonfat or lowfat
1 teaspoon Matcha De Mark
1/2 teaspoon fresh mint leaves chopped
Ice cubes to taste
Directions:  Puree all ingredients in a blender until smooth.

My thoughts:  I have tried several brands of matcha and Matcha De Mark tastes wonderful. It has a smooth, fresh flavor that works beautifully in smoothies and other drinks.  We even created a  Matcha De Mark cupcake recipe that came out super yummy. They looked gorgeous too. We whipped up a quick batch of cream cheese frosting and they were heavenly.  

You can buy Matcha De Mark Matcha Green Tea right online and save a bunch of time and money. You can go to the link here and get a coupon for 10% off.

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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