Thursday, September 11, 2014

Triscuit Brown Rice and Sweet Potato SnackRecipe #TeamTriscuit @Crowdtap

Disclosure: I was recently chosen to participate in a Triscuit recipe event through Crowdtap.  I received no compensation other than a contest entry. I shared this information from Crowdtap in order to provide my own unbiased review with my friends and readers.  As always, the opinions here are my own. 

Have you seen all the new kinds of Triscuit crackers that are out there in the stores? It has been almost a year now that all these amazing new flavors have come out. Triscuit has some totally out there varieties and they are really good from Wasabi and Soy to Rosemary and Sea Salt and these yummy ones I used today. I have made my way through all of them at this point.  I must say each one is more delicious than the other. My whole family agrees!  Triscuits are a healthy snack on their own or with fun toppings. Take a peek at their ingredient list if you don't believe me. Surprisingly clean.

I recently made a fun snack with Triscuit Brown Rice and Sweet came out delicious.  It is elegant enough to serve to guests or you can enjoy it on your own. 

Manchego Triscuit Surprise

2 Triscuits
Manchego sliced 
Quince paste 

Put a bit of quince paste on both Triscuits then top with Manchego and grapes. Enjoy!   

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