Saturday, October 4, 2014

Gamesformotion transforms classic board games like Candy Land and Scrabble with Belgian chocolate!

Disclosure:  I received four Gamesformotion products complimentary for review purposes. My opinions are my own.

I just received some amazing new games that are going to be a huge hit for the Christmas holiday season this year.  Starting in November, the European company Gamesformotion will be making these delicious and fun classic games like Monopoly, Trivial Pursuit™, Twister , Scrabble®, Pictionary, Candy Land, Monopoly,  Clue and Battleship with Belgian chocolate pieces available in the United States.  Yes, you heard me right. My tween near lost her mind when she saw the games in our own home.  She couldn’t believe that it would be possible to play her old favorite CandyLand with real chocolate! The best part is that you can find these yummy games at retailers around the country like Target, CVS, SuperValu store locations,  Kmart,  Meijer and Fred Meyer, Bed Bath & Beyond and even on

This is a wonderful and creative gift idea that will make anyone happy this holiday season.   I would definitely pick up multiples because you know anyone would be excited to get it whether they were 4 or 64 years old.  It is so exciting because you really have tons of options that would work well for a work Secret Santa or a family gift.  Teens and little tots would be thrilled to get or give any of the classics too…anything with chocolate is always a winning gift.  The most wonderful aspect of this gift is how affordable it is….only $9.99 each so you can choose all your faves and stock up for the holidays at that price.   

The company has shared some additional information:

Gamesformotion has developed into a leading international Games Specialist when it comes to chocolate editions of classic favorites.  All of the chocolate versions of the games have the same essential features as their famous counterparts, except that their cards and letter tiles have been replaced with the finest Belgian milk chocolate encased within printed wrappers. Rules for all of the games have been slightly modified by Gamesformotion to ensure they’re always fun and easy to play no matter what your age. Instead of just playing to win, you might win tons of chocolate in real life! Candy Land, Monopoly, Clue, Battleship and more, which all exclusively feature these luxurious, edible Belgian chocolate game pieces.

My tween still loves all these classic games and plays them often with her friends but she said the chocolate versions just brings them into a new dimension. She was so excited to try out the chocolate versions she just practically couldn't wait until she had a friend come over to play.Her friend Elizabeth was just about as gaga as my tween was with the Guess Who with edible chocolate. I decided to serve dinner first so at least they would have eaten before all the chocolate. They had so much fun with it.  We decided to reserve two of them for holiday gifts and one of them is going to be a gift for my daughter.

Let me know your thoughts on these delicious and fun versions of the classic games we all know and love for holiday gifts this year.

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