Saturday, November 8, 2014

Artkive Concierge is the solution to storing all your children's artwork safely and securely

I love my child's art as much as the next mama out there. As the years went by, all the treasures just kept piling up. I couldn't bear to toss anything. I bought storage box after box to keep them in. It was just getting out of control and I only had one child.  Do you have boxes of your kids' art creating clutter in your garage or basement? Do you feel guilty when you throw stuff away?   What is a mama or daddy to do though? None of us want to throw out any of those works of art. You want to look back and remember.  Now it's easy to stay organized while getting rid of the mess. There is a great solution....Artkive Concierge. This is such a genius idea. As the leading company for parents seeking to digitally store and celebrate their children's artwork, Artkive Concierge is rapidly helping every parent benefit from this time and space saving idea that allows you to preserve your child's art safely and securely. You can see it anytime on the site or on the app and they even send you a hardcover bound book.

This is an amazing service that is perfect for busy mamas and worries, no muss and no fuss since Artkive Concierge does all the work for you.  How do they do it? It is very simple and easy.
Artkive Concierge consists of the following:

  • Prepaid mailing label to ship us all of your kids'  artwork 
  • All your artwork professionally photographed, digitized, and loaded into your account 
  • Artwork will be accessible via the Artkive app for your viewing and sharing any time 
  • Artkive will design and print a beautiful, hardcover book of all your kids' artwork 
  • Art can even be shipped back to you upon request!!

Artkive truly provides an amazing service for people looking to better organize and store kids' artwork.  What could be easier than just sending Artkive Concierge all your art? They do it all for you including professional photographs that are made into a beautiful, keepsake book.  Christmas and Hanukkah are always a challenge with gift ideas. Now you have an easy gift solution.  Artkive books make great Christmas gifts or Chanukkah gifts for moms, dads, grammas and grampas. Your kids will love seeing their work "published" and grandparents will love having a book of their grandkids' art.  Artkive has been featured on The Today Show, in Gwyneth Paltrow's GOOP, Real Simple, Daily Candy, and countless other sites. 

You can get started right away just go to Artkive and sign up. 

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