Sunday, December 7, 2014

QRAMZ™ Bracelet Bands and Charms are a perfect gift for kids, tweens and teens plus a discount code

My tween was so hopped up when she saw these arrive in the mail I could barely get them out of the envelope before she was asking about the QRAMZ.  These are the cutest ever squeezy little buddies that can be worn on almost anything and go almost anywhere.  They are perfect for kids and Tweens because they can add it take of QRAMZ all by themselves.. no help needed. There are no "Mama, can you help me get this on?" clasps or locks to attach it where you want. All you have to do is squeeze it open. My tween said it was a bit tight the first time but she did it herself.  She was excited to add a few to her headphones since she is listening to lots of music these days. 

The beauty of the QRAMZ is that you can wear it where you want...anywhere from key chains to necklaces, bracelets, headphones, earrings, sneaker laces, backpacks, anklets, hair ties and more. 

My tween has always been a crafty kid.  She was thinking it would be fun to use QRAMZ in crafting and jewelry making projects.  Kids could really personalize a great pair of earrings or a necklace. She loves to make her own jewelry and is going to be adding QRAMZ to personize some gifts this Christmas.  Even if they weren't super crafty, she thought  they could easily hang QRAMZ on a pair of tiny hoop earrings like she did. QRAMZ also has easy to personalize rubberized bracelets in tons of colors as well. That is another fun and easy crafty option. A perfect way to get kids involved in gift-making and giving.

QRAMZ come in tons of pretty colors with fantastic custom designs. One of the cool things about QRAMZ is that all the colors and designs were chosen by kids 4 kids. You know they are all great no matter what your age or if you are a guy or gal. 

QRAMZ make it fun and easy to be super creative. You can always find new opportunities to show off unique style. My daughter loves being the trendsetter so she is excited about QRAMZ. She will be collecting and trading with her friends this Christmas and beyond just like I am sure you will too.  They are too cute not to share.

They are so easy to pop on and off the kids can change them every day to match their outfit which is what my daughter has been doing this past week or two. Her friends have gotten on the bandwagon and are already begging for QRAMS for Christmas gifts from Santa. They love Qramz because they just squeeze it at the top and the bottom where they see the holes and pop the QRAMZ charm onto their earphones, earbuds, hair bands, hair ties, clothing or even the QRAMZ bracelets themselves with no assistance.

Both my tween and I appreciate the QRAMZ options and is just about endless. There are cuties for every taste and style from the little kids to the tweens and teens and even for moms and dads. They have all the trends covered from the hashtag to the moustache and even eco-conscious QRAMZ charms!  This is a great gift for any trendy kid it tween this holiday season. Meanwhile, QRAMZ has offered an exclusive discount code for my readers. Use Goodies10 to get 10% off your entire purchase at QRAMZ now.

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