Monday, February 2, 2015

ChillaVino Wine Chiller is the best way to enjoy a glass of wine at the perfect temperature #wineaccessories

I love to host parties and get togethers in my home and I always have bottles of wine ready for guests. I have tried various methods for chilling my wine but the issue is always after it is do you keep it at the proper temperature. I want the last glass to taste as wonderful as the first glass. In comes a new innovation called the ChillaVino.  This is a beautiful set that comes with three compenents that are a snap to use. The set includes the ultimate wine chiller stick, pourer/aerator and an elegant stopper.

The ChillaVino is ingenious. All you have to do is pop the chiller stick in the freezer for a minimum of 2 hours before use. This is so easy to do as you are preparing for guests or a party. I like to keep it in my freezer so I am always prepared for unexpected guests.  I pre-chill my wine to make sure it is at the proper temperature to start. The function of the ChillaVino is to maintain the temperature of the wine. That way you can enjoy every single glass out of your open bottle. 

Assemble the ChillaVino in a few seconds, pour approximately one glass of wine and then insert the ChillaVino. You can savor your perfectly chilled wine even if you are a slow sipper....the ChillaVino will keep the bottle cool and fresh.The ChillaVino chilling rod maintains the wine chilled. The decanting pourer aerates the wine for a full flavor taste and also facilitates a dripless pour. The elegant stopper can be used to cork the wine for future use.

I was impressed with this elegant wine chilling kit. This is the ultimate wine chiller for any party or get together. It makes it so easy. Of course, every wine is meant to have a specific taste with different complexities. The ChillaVino brings those special flavors of each wine to life with the perfect chill. This is so much easier and more modern than my traditional ice bucket. I appreciate that the ChillaVino provides the right balance to create the optimal temperature for all the wines I love including white, red and rose wines.

The ChillaVino takes a few seconds to assemble. My guests were so impressed this weekend at dinner. My friends Sadie and Tom are really wine afficianados. When they saw my ChillaVino they were captivated. They asked where I found it and Sadie told Tom they had to get a few for when they have large parties. They watched me take the rod out of the freezer when it was time to drink our white wine. I quickly attached the rod to the decanting pourer and poured a glass. Then I just inserted the rod in the bottle of wine. When we were done I showed them all I do is  rinse under warm water and popped the rod back in the freezer. I love  this is easy to tote around, so I am planning to bring my ChillaVino to parties, BBQs, and picnics when the weather warms up.

It came in a beautiful gift box too. The ChillaVino Wine Chiller itself is a sleek accessory, but the elegant box makes me think that it would be a perfect gift too.  You can pick up the ChillaVino Wine Chiller right on Amazon too which makes it easy to buy anytime you need an elegant hostess gift.

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