Friday, February 20, 2015

My BFF and I over the years still having fun

My best friend and I have been friends for 20 plus years now! We used to hang out as single gals when we worked together in another state and we still keep in touch. When we talk or get together it is like we were never apart. She has a great attitude that I love. 

Our best adventure was last summer...we had both families on a hike when we were up visiting them. Five seconds into the hike my tween steps in a giant mud sucking hole up past her hiking boots. G-d bless my friends heart...she just told my kid to pull her foot out and laugh. Lynn just said, "Aww, It will dry and make a super funny story every time you put on your hiking boots."  We all laughed including my tween. That stopped any tears before they even started and that kid never shed a tear. There was SO much mud I had sucked my breath in but thank goodness Lynn spoke first. 

We ended up having a great hike and that hiking boot dried out eventually.

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