Monday, July 6, 2015

iLock™ Laces Elastic No Tie Shoelaces get me to the gym or out runningin a flash WOMEN #iLockLaces

I am always on the go but must squeeze in my fitness regimen. Sometimes my time is so limited between work and getting to the gym I am literally lacing my shoes as I am running out the door. These iLock™ Laces are a faster way to get out running or to the gym and they look great too on my sneakers and trainers. Life is busy but with these smart and innovative iLock™ Laces I don't have to worry about tying my shoelaces anymore. These are great whether you are running a marathon, squeezing in a class at the gym, playing a round of golf, or a busy mama like me racing to pick the kids up from school. These comfortable patent pending water resistant iLock™ Laces utilize the latest technology in no-tie elastic shoelaces.

Think about how convenient these make working out on the go for anyone from teens to Grammas. They truly are perfect for runners, golfers, professional athletes, fitness buffs, CrossFitters, seniors, kids, toddlers and even individuals with special needs. I know my friend struggled with her son who has special needs to find options for sneakers. He is a teen now and velcro is not cool but these are great. iLock™ Laces makes getting dressed a speedier activity no matter what your age. My own tween is a sweetie but a real slowpoke....these help her get out the door quickly. She thought these colorful iLock™ Laces were great and now all her friends are begging for them as well. They come in every color under the sun including Hot Pink, Sour Apple Green, Royal Blue, Midnight Black, Cool Grey, Blazin' Red, Passion Purple, Navy Blue, White, Neon Orange, and Neon Green. It lets you combine or mix and match to create your own individual sporty style. The best part is that they install on your favorite pair of trainers in under 5 minutes. iLock™ Laces are one size fits all to so no matter if you are a tiny tot or an adult with a larger foot. I do recommend that you slip your shoes on your feet before installing for the perfect fit.  When you buy them, each package contains two iLock™ Locks, two elastic shoelaces in your choice of colors, and three iLock™ clips (a spare clip is included).

I like that these are very well constructed too. You can see when you get them that iComfort™ Support iLock™ Laces use high quality materials. The laces quickly conforms to your feet for the ideal level of comfort and support. I noticed a big difference in comparison to my old nylon or cotton laces. The secret to the fit is that iLock™ Laces actually reduce pressure points on the top of your foot. The benefit is that this increases overall comfort. I actually feel like I can get more done during my workouts because my feet feel secure and comfortable.  Think about it, like iLock™ shared, Life is truly an adventure and now, thanks to iLock™ you can enjoy it fully because you’ll never have to worry about tying your shoelaces again.iLock™ Laces combine high tech with low maintenance. These elastic replacement laces provide firm, yet flexible, stretch-fit comfort. They have a lock that is fast and simple to adjust, and a unique clip to protect lace ends.

Why bother with taking the time to tie? With iLock™ you never have to even think about tying your shoes again. Why tie, when you can convert any shoe into a convenient slip-on? These are truly great for sensitive feet or those recovering from foot injury too. I have a Morton's neuroma which makes my toes sensitive. I find that these make my shoes more comfortable and I don't feel that discomfort with my toes. iLock™ Laces provide a ideal feel for the foot. My experience in the past has shown me that standard laces provide no give or stretch and they are a challenge to adjust properly each and every time. I was always tying, re-tying, and untying knots and double knots. Once I installed iLock™ Laces on your shoes I was done with all that.

If you have small children this is such a time saver. I wish iLock™ was around when my child was a toddler. It took forever to tie my own laces then tie hers. This would have been such a huge help for me. You are a lucky mama or daddy because you can reclaim your freedom from the tyranny of shoelace-tying instruction and service! iLock™ Laces are a great alternative for youth who have difficulty tying their own shoes, and are perfect for young children whose small hands have not yet mastered shoe tying. iLock™ Laces allow children the flexibility to wear any lace-up shoe.

If your parents have challenges with strength and mobility like my mother in law these iLock™ Laces would be a huge help for them. iLock™ are great for senior citizens, who may have lost strength and mobility in their hands and joints, or suffer from manual dexterity problems. This can hand back independence and confidence to a senior who may need assistance. Who doesn't feel good about being able to do things on their own? Let mom or dad feel good about themselves and let them fasten their shoes without assistance. Reduce their dependence on you or other caretakers and it might even improve their quality of their life.

Even hardcore athletes and fitness enthusiasts are loving how iLock™ Laces meet their demands. Think about iLock™ Laces can optimize performance during competition and training. Elastic allows the iLock™ Laces to expand and contract with every stride so they constantly adjust to each foot strike. This makes for an ideal run. It actually feels like you are running in a new pair of shoes every time. If you run in triathlons, iLock™ Laces allow you to maximize your transition speeds. Don’t waste 30 seconds tying your shoes, when you could slip your feet into your running shoes and be ready to go instantly so you can leave competitors in the dust while they struggle with their knotted laces.

You can pick up iLock Laces Elastic No Tie Shoelaces for women on Amazon for easy shopping anytime. 

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