Sunday, October 4, 2015

Acquapura Personal Water Filter is great for camping #acquapura

I have been looking for something like this to use when we go on our day hikes, out camping and to reserve for emergencies as well. This is a unit that lets you purify water directly from the source with the special straw or you can use the bottle and fill it up. This is definitely something that I wanted to get because you can never be too careful even when preparing properly for a long hike or a camping trip. Water is an essential that you always need so this is a great option to have. If you live in a more rural area this is also excellent to have in case of emergency. You know you will always have a supply of drinking water available no matter what the situation. If you are considering a personal water filter this Acquapura will give you confidence in any situation. You can be sure that wherever you are whether it is camping upstate in the wilderness, traveling abroad, or in a dire survival crisis that you will have clean and safe drinking water when you need it.

Most people are unaware of the possibilities out there from weather to other emergencies that can lead to a scarcity of potable water. This portable water filter lets you be prepared for these types of emergency scenarios. The AcquaPura Personal water filter is a portable emergency water filter straw that allows you to convert any non-saline water source, (lakes, rivers, streams, springs, rain and more), into completely safe and drinkable water.

This Acquapura Personal Water Filter uses a revolutionary Triple Absolute Filtration system uses an ultra carbon and particle filter that is chemical-free and has anti-bacterial properties. The activated carbon granules contain ionic silver known to be one of the most potent antibacterial elements out there.  Ionic silver is also a powerful tissue-healing agent. The company shared that this means that the AcquaPura Personal water filter will
reduce harmful mineral compounds such as heavy metal ions and chlorine.  It can also provide protection from water-borne illnesses. This unit is light-weight at just 2.12 oz (60 grams) and it's truly ultra-compact. It can filter 400 gallons of water at up to 400ml (14oz) per minute. This little unit is sturdy and dependable so the AcquaPura camping water filter will last in storage years. If you think about it, you can pick up an extra to keep in your car, basement or in an emergency kit. You can find the  Acquapura Personal Water Filter right on Amazon too for easy shopping anytime at all..

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