Monday, October 24, 2016

One2One Network is a social influencer group you need to get to know #O2ORocks #sponsored

If you are new to the blogosphere or if you are a veteran, you need to get to know One2One Network no two ways about it. This great network has been connecting brands and influencers since all the way back to 2008. That is almost the beginning of when the social media networks launched. They have evolved and I love the latest platform. They work like a family to help brands and influencers be the best they can be.
One2One Network is no small beans either. They are 20,000 social influencers strong. Members are varied with their interests and lives but we are all passionate about products, services, and causes and love to spread the word in person and online. Even better is that really include everyone, not just bloggers or women. One2One Network was one of the first influencer agencies to bring non-bloggers into the fold. In the begging, the influencer network had a focus on women, but they realized that men are big influencers as well and membership has expanded to include men.

There are opportunities for all levels of influencers too. One2One offers sponsored blog posts, blog ambassadorships, local event coverage, new music reviews, social sharing projects, e-commerce reviews, Twitter parties, surveys, and even special events at social media conferences. You can sign up to participate at whatever level you are comfortable with.
One2One Network campaigns do not limit themselves to one area either. You might see opportunties in food, parenting, beauty, lifestyle, health & fitness, social good and more. It is always exciting to see new partners come on board to the community. It is like a family. One2One has paid bloggers and social media influencers well over $1 million in project payments and incentives to date.One2One is not just a network but a true community. O2O supports our members by sharing and featuring their work. They respond quickly to questions and work hard to follow best practices. I feel good about working with them for so many years now. 
You can find out more about One2One Network here. Don't forget to register and sign right up for the One2One Network too!

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Malia Carden said...

Thanks for the post, Betsy! We love having you as a member :-)