Sunday, May 21, 2017

Pizza Flatbreads are an easy and fast weeknight recipe idea that you can customize how you like #pizzaflatbread #flatbreadpizza #pizza #homemadepizza #fastdinner

My husband and I both enjoy cooking but as a dual working couple with a tween it can be a challenge to get a healthy meal out there most every night. We both are determined to keep it healthy for us and for the family. We are all active between Ultimate Frisbee, running, track and field and my varied fitness routines including Crossfit. One of our staples that end up on the table at least once a month is a fun one that we have named Pizza Flatbreads. You can customize them for any diet or fitness plan or go all out if you can eat what you like.

You can use pita bread or flatbreads or if you are keeping your carbs down you can make them from broccoli or cauliflower blended with cheese. That is also another option as well.  We usually use whole wheat flatbreads from Trader Joes and I stock them in the freezer. They stay well for a few months.

This time my hubby was the chef and he added sauteed spinach, Mediterranean olives, Trader Joes fat free crumbled feta cheese (it is President fat-free crumbled feta cheese with a Trader Joes label and half the price!) You can add whatever kind of cheese or veggies you like whether it is broccoli or zucchini, we have used yellow squash, eggplant and even squash. You can saute onions and garlic, add colorful chopped peppers or use whatever is in the refrigerator. You could even put chopped egg on it. Enjoy your fast and easy recipe and let me know what you think!

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