Tuesday, July 25, 2017

CURAD® SoothePlus™ is a new innovation in wound care for adults and kids @crowdtap #sponsored

This is a real innovation in wound care. I like that these use a natural ingredients to soothe wounds and eliminate odor.  The guaze works really well and is easy to use.  Baking soda is a great addition to gauze pads.  CURAD® SoothePlus™ Medium and Large Gauze Pads with ARM & HAMMER™ Baking Soda are a novel and new way to dress wounds. It is a simple idea to add baking soda and it totally makes sense.

Summertime is always a boo boo season for some reason. Don't ask me why but it seems like all of us are always getting bashed with a hammer, burned by the grill or bitten up my bugs. This is the case from my hubby to my daughter and myself. I got poked by thorns right through my garden glove last week while lruningbthe rises. My hubby is working on scraping the porch and he cut his fingers with a tool. I was so glad we were stocked up with CURAD SoothePlus gauze pads. They made it easy to dress our wounds and it was a relief to have them protected.

 I received this product free as part of a sampling activation for Crowdtap.I received complimentary products to facilitate this review.

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