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Swissvita Anti-Aging Cream is a compelling new option to consider #Swissvita #skinserum #antiaging #AC-11® #allinonetube #serum

I am always looking for something new to help me look my best. Swissvita has made their lovely skin serum available in the US and I was able to try it out.  I like the slim packaging which makes it great for me since I can slip it right into my travel bag and look good where ever I go. The cream is easy to dispense, use and has an elegant feel on my skin.  This amazing skin anti-aging serum is a great option to to soften fine lines and firm and lift the skin. The Swissvita serum also has the benefit of reducing dark spots, protecting against wrinkles improving overall skin texture. I was excited because I usually have to use several different products to get all those benefits.  One of the best ingredients in the Swissvita serum is AC-1. This is an ingredient that targets DNA repair. It works to combat and support skin due to everyday infractions including poor diet, environmental issues and sun exposure.  I will say personally, I am particular about protecting my skin with daily SPF and that is always a good practice.

Swissvita creaing this special facial firming cream to support against the appearance of wrinkles. It contains AC-11 and Vitamin B12. These have anti-aging properties to help support against wrinkles and crinkles. It also contains OSILIFT, a natural polyose derived from oats. This agent helps to guard the skin from dirt and air pollution. Swissvita serum help s to repair, plump skin as well as support against wrinkles.

One of the things I love about Swissvita is the powerful but effective formula that doesn't irritate my skin. There are no unpronounceable chemicals either. Ready: NO additives, NO alcohol, NO fragrance, NO pigments and totally NO parabens. The company shared that it is safe to use on already sensitive skin but it is always good to check with your doctor.
This product comes in an aluminum sealed package for your protection and to ensure the quality of the product. I love how this can potentially prevent the risk of product contamination. The specialized material help to maintain the integrity of the active ingredients. The company is so sure you'll fall in love with the wonderful results that they guarantee their products. Please visit the company to find out more.
I was excited to try this beauty serum and found it to be effective and easy to use.  The product is easy to open, you just twist the cap until it loosens up. You place a small pearl size drop of the Swissvita skin serum and gently smooth it over the face and neck until it is absorbed. I notice that my skin looks more luminous instantly after smoothing it on. You only need a bit so don't overuse it. The company advises for you to avoid the delicate eye area.  The directions suggests using it morning and evening after washing face or applying toner/facial cleanser.
Take a peek at my own results. I saw an improvement after just about two weeks on my forehead, between my eyes and my mouth. The lines are softer and less pronounced. My lines look less aggressive and are not as visible. The skin looks more plumped than before.  The fine lines to the sides of my mouth look smoother and more relaxed as well. I don't feel as self-conscious when I smile now. It leaves me with a natural look though so I like that a lot.

Swissvita is definitely a great option to try if you are looking to make a change. You have to give the serum a bit of time though and 2 weeks is a reasonable period to make an evaluation. I don't really think any cream will give you permanent results overnight but give it at least two weeks and see what you think. The company  suggests you evaluate again after 4 weeks of continued use. It is nice to get compliments though instead of concerned comments about my lack of sleep.

Take a peek at their SwissVita Facebook page and follow them to get the latest scoop.

 "By combining effective and natural ingredients such as AC-11®, Vitamin B12 and OSILIFT, this lightweight and silky serum renews the look of your skin deep from within. It is easily absorbed by the skin and penetrates into problem areas."

The nice option with Swissvita wrinkle cream is that you can buy it online for easy shopping anytime.  It is priced reasonably at approximately $31.99 with free shipping if you have Amazon Prime. That is ideal for busy mamas like me. Let me know what you think after you give it a try.

One2One Network is a social influencer group you need to get to know #O2ORocks #sponsored

If you are new to the blogosphere or if you are a veteran, you need to get to know One2One Network no two ways about it. This great network has been connecting brands and influencers since all the way back to 2008. That is almost the beginning of when the social media networks launched. They have evolved and I love the latest platform. They work like a family to help brands and influencers be the best they can be.
One2One Network is no small beans either. They are 20,000 social influencers strong. Members are varied with their interests and lives but we are all passionate about products, services, and causes and love to spread the word in person and online. Even better is that really include everyone, not just bloggers or women. One2One Network was one of the first influencer agencies to bring non-bloggers into the fold. In the begging, the influencer network had a focus on women, but they realized that men are big influencers as well and membership has expanded to include men.

There are opportunities for all levels of influencers too. One2One offers sponsored blog posts, blog ambassadorships, local event coverage, new music reviews, social sharing projects, e-commerce reviews, Twitter parties, surveys, and even special events at social media conferences. You can sign up to participate at whatever level you are comfortable with.
One2One Network campaigns do not limit themselves to one area either. You might see opportunties in food, parenting, beauty, lifestyle, health & fitness, social good and more. It is always exciting to see new partners come on board to the community. It is like a family. One2One has paid bloggers and social media influencers well over $1 million in project payments and incentives to date.One2One is not just a network but a true community. O2O supports our members by sharing and featuring their work. They respond quickly to questions and work hard to follow best practices. I feel good about working with them for so many years now. 
You can find out more about One2One Network here. Don't forget to register and sign right up for the One2One Network too!

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Look younger with D’OR24K's Instant 60 Sec. Non-Surgical Eye LiftSyringe plus a 25% off plus a discount for myreaders #dor24k #eyelift #facelift

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It can be a challenge to look fresh and gorgeous each and every day as you get into your 40's and 50's. The options used to be limited to drastic ones like plastic surgery and long recovery times. I really didn't want to do anything like that. I do work hard to keep fit with regular exercise and I use daily SPF but I still noticed those pesky fine lines around my eyes not to mention morning puffiness. It was very frustrating and nothing seemed to really make a difference. I was spending so much time with cover up and makeup to no avail until now. Wow. I recently discovered the Instant Non Surgical Lifting Syringe from D'OR24K Luxury Skin Care. It is fast and makes an enormous difference. I look so much younger in just a minute. Ready to hear how fast and easy this is and there is no surgery involved.

The best part is that Instant Non Surgical Lifting Syringe from D'OR24K Luxury Skin Care is something you can use every single day or just for a special occasion. It makes a dramatic difference though so you might want to start using it daily like I did. You can actually feel this product begin to work as it gently tightens the pores and reduces puffiness and fine lines.  As it quickly takes effect, you will actually see the sagging tissues and puffiness disappear. You only need a drop or two to get optimal results, so the Instant Non Surgical Lifting Syringe from D'OR24K Luxury Skin Care lasts a long time.

 Instant Non Surgical Lifting Syringe from D'OR24K Luxury Skin Care

• Tightens pores within 60 seconds of application
• Visibly reduces bags and fine lines
• Instant, on the go lifting and plumping any time you need it
• Designed for every day or special occasions

Instant Non Surgical Lifting Syringe from D'OR24K Luxury Skin Care using the latest in technology with ingredients like sodium silicate, magnesium aluminum silicate and Green Tea. This non-surgical eye lift quickly absorbs excess facial oil, tightens the skin and lifts wrinkles. The Green Tea also supports against wrinkles, sun damage and helps to tone skin.  Some have reported that it has helped to support skin issues such as psoriasis or rosacea.

How do you use this novel non-surgical eye lift? It is so easy and fast. Start with a clean face and make sure to gently pat it dry. Stir the product in the container.  Gently use your pinky to smooth on (do not rub) a very thin layer on your face. Don't forget to include both the upper and lower eyelids. Keep your face as expressionless as possible for approximately 60 seconds or until the product is dry. If you see a white layer on your face it means you have over-applied the product. You can smooth over any white areas gently with a damp finger. Do not use lotion or a liquid makeup product. You may apply your favorite brand of powder makeup. Close jar tightly after using to prevent the cream from drying.

One thing you know about me is how I love to support US based businesses. D’OR 24K is a Miami, Florida based ultra-premium skin care retailer serving discerning consumers worldwide. They truly understand what women need when it comes to quality skin care products. They work hard to create the best products in the skincare world . D'OR 24K hand selects every ingredient that goes into their products to ensure they provide effective, reliable results. D'OR 24K has a full line of daily use, eye care and anti-aging products. They also have a luxury collagen collection, Gold Facial Mask and available online for easy shopping anytime you want to look more beautiful.

Are you ready to look younger and smooth out your skin without surgery? You can buy D’OR24K Instant Eye Lift right online and even get a 25% discount by using the coupon code PROMO25 just for my readers. Go to the D'eor24k website to buy it now.
Note: If you experience an allergic reaction, gently wash the product from your face.

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AVEENO® Body Yogurt Lotion Apricot and Honey leaves my skin soft and fresh #sponsored @crowdtap

This new lotion and body wash from AVEENO just takes it to a whole new level. AVEENO® Body Yogurt Lotion Apricot and Honey is amazing. Two of my faves are apricot and honey so I adore this creamy moisturizer. It still has that soothing oatmeal and it feels wonderful on my skin. AVEENO Body Yogurt Lotion Apricot and Honey is a great option to keep your skin soft.

My skin stays so soft all day soft with AVEENO® Body Yogurt Lotion and Yogurt Body Wash Apricot and Honey! The body wash smells amazing plus it gently cleanses my skin. The rich lotion immediately absorbs to nourish and moisturize my skin,. It stays super soft and healthy-looking from morning to night. 

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received one or more of the products or services mentioned above in the hope that I would mention it on my blog. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe would be good for my readers. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission's 16 CFR, Part 255: "Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.