Thursday, July 30, 2009

Fruit2day $1 coupon (This is so delicious!!!)

I recently found out about Fruit2day through Bzzagent. I love it. This is a new all natural pure fruit juice product that you can find in the refrigerated produce section by the juices in the grocery store. They have Strawberry, Mango, Cherry and Banana flavors which are full of real bits of fruit.

It’s me, Strawberry. Our friends thought we should chat. I hear you’re feeling a bit let down by the rest of my bunch.
You probably bought that last carton because of the red, plump berries on top. Then you got to the bottom and saw what we call the “strawbads.” And when a strawberry turns bad, it isn’t pretty.
Given our temperamental nature, we don’t exactly fit into your active life. Luckily, now there’s Strawberry Orange Fruit2day, real fruit bits in a blend of rich juice. It's all natural, has no added sugar and only 110-120 calories per bottle. It’s a whole new way to enjoy strawberries. You’ll find it in the produce section.
Oh, and be sure to bring this $1 off coupon.

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