Saturday, October 1, 2011

Fun Fall Coffee and Dessert Recipes compliments of COFFEE-MATE!

Now that fall is on the way I really enjoy a nice, fresh cup of coffee in the afternoon to pick me up. COFFEE-MATE makes it easy and fun to add flavor to your coffee and even come up with some quick desserts as well. Check out my tips compliments of COFFEE-MATE!

Authentic Caramel Macchiato at Home
To make your Caramel Macchiato at home have a more true coffeehouse feel, try Caramel Macchiato flavored COFFEE-MATE® from the Café Collection. Add a touch of caramel syrup to the bottom of the cup before you pour the coffee. Heat and whip or froth the Coffee-mate before you add to the cup, and then top with a few chocolate shavings.

Extra Flavored Foam
Heat up your favorite Coffee-mate flavor, try Café Latte from the Café Collection, in the microwave for about 30 seconds. Then whisk vigorously to make an absolutely delicious foam!

World Café Tip
Yemen coffee is still grown as it was 500 years ago, on terraces on the sides of semi-arid mountains and naturally dried. Because no chemicals are used in its production, it is truly organic.

Parisian Café Tip
If you want regular coffee in France, make sure to ask for Café American. If you just order Café, you will get espresso.

Vienna Coffee Tip
The Viennese add a bit of cinnamon to their typically stronger coffee to mellow out the bitterness. So if you ever buy a new type of coffee and find it to be too bitter for your liking, try this tip instead of tossing it and you may be pleasantly surprised.

Eastern Culture Tip
Asian cultures infuse their coffee with herbs to promote vitality. These types of drinks are not seen as energizers for the caffeine, but for the herbal additives.

Italian Treat Tip
For an Italian style dessert, add a shot of espresso (or coffee with Coffee-mate!) over your favorite flavor of gelato or ice cream. This is called affogato style.

How to Use Turkish Coffee Pot
First, a Turkish Coffee It looks like a copper-colored mini saucepan with a wide base and narrow opening. Brew the grounds with water on a stovetop, then strain out the grounds for a thick, fully-loaded coffee experience.

Cold Thai Coffee: Secret Ingredients
If sweet coffee is your thing, then Thailand is your place. Thai coffee has a touch of chicory, much like Parisian coffee, and it is usually sold cold, mixed with coconut milk and sugar. It is like dessert in a coffee cup.

Iced Coffee Tip
After you put ice in a glass and before pouring hot coffee over the ice,
place a metal spoon in the glass in order to prevent the cup from breaking!

Drip Brewing Tip
Always pour cold water in a drip brewer, never use hot water.

Coffee Serving Tip
Prepared coffee in a pot, sitting on the burner will be scalded very quickly, changing the taste dramatically. It’s a little known fact that most coffeehouses will pour the coffee out after it has been on the burner for only 20 minutes.

Keep Your Iced Coffee Strong
Use coffee ice cubes instead of putting ice cubes in your coffee. Brew a fresh pot of coffee, let cool to about room temperature and then pour some of the coffee into some ice trays and freeze. Now, when the cubes melt, your coffee will not become watered down.

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