Thursday, May 24, 2012

Madagascar 3 Europe's Most Wanted Crowdtap Party

You can't have Madagascar Movies without popcorn!

My Super Madagascar 3 Europe's Most Wanted Party

 Crowdtap has all these wonderful opportunities to get involved with fun products and services for you and your family.  You really should check it out. It is fun, easy and you never know what you might find or recieve!  Recently, I qualified for a party opportunity coinciding with the June 8th premiere of Madagascar 3:  Europe's Most Wanted.  We had such a fun time this past weekend playing and watching the first two Madagascar movies too!
My Rainbow Circus Cake

DreamWorks Animation  and Crowdtap sent me this super Madagascar Digital Party Kit (that helped me create my own circus at home with family and friends.  I already had the DVD's Madagascar 1 and 2 so the timing was perfect!  The kids loved all the games and decorations.  I added a few of my own as well.  They loved the face painting...thanks to my neighbor and friend Tammie, they all looked so realistic!  Alex, Melman, Marty, Gloria and our fave characters joined us at our party this past weekend while we ate, played and watched the DVD of Madagascar 1 and 2 to get us hopped up for the upcoming movie premier. Check out what I received to help get my circus adventure going!

This is what I received in my Party Ki:

  • - A crack-a-lackin recipe for Marty's zebra cake
  • - A classic game with a "mad" twist featuring Gloria
  • - Decorations, masks and face paint to get everyone into the Madagascar mood
  • - Fun activities and games to keep the party movin'
A little more about Crowdtap for you ladies and men out there that may be wondering. 
Crowdtap  is a new kind of social marketing and research platform that enables you to be rewarded for working with and promoting great leading brands, entertainment properties and many other types of companies.  You can earn cash for rewards and charity too for taking surveys, sampling new products and promoting your favorite brands to your friends and family.

These are some of the potential rewards out there with Crowdtap:
  • CASH REWARDS - Activities launched by brands will earn you cash rewards
  • GIFT CARDS - Your cash can be redeemed for gift cards
  • HELP CHARITIES - Your cash can also be used to help your selected charity
  • FREE PRODUCTS - Some activities will also offer you free products and other goodies 

My Marty's Zebra Cupcakes!


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