Sunday, July 8, 2012

Cadbury Ice Cream Bars High Tea Party

We had our Cadbury High Tea Party this past week featuring Cadbury Ice Cream Bars by Blue Bunny.   It was so hot outside that I decided to make iced tea to have along with our Cadbury Ice Cream Bars and bring the party outside so we could enjoy the cool water in the pool.  I made a beautiful caramel frosted vanilla cake from scratch and decorated it with M+M's and included a ton of sliced fruit to keep us cool as well.

Everyone enjoyed the Cadbury Ice Cream Bars but I have to say the the Chocolate Covered Vanilla Bars were the most popular of all!  There are a bunch of flavors to please any taste including the yummy Cadbury™ Double Chocolate Ice Cream Bars and  Cadbury™ Chocolate Almond Ice Cream Bars.  Each box has 8 bars so there is plenty for everyone.
It was something different and fun. I thought it was cute that several of the children that were at the party immediately recognized the Blue Bunny Cadbury Ice Cream Bars from tv commercials that they had seen.  That got them even more excited because they were telling us all about the tv commercial!
All in all we had a fun day.  I can't wait to pick up more Cadbury Ice Cream Bars to have on hand for the next hot weekend. There is nothing like a cold, creamy ice cream bar to cool you down on a warm summer day.
I received materials and ice cream as a complimentary service through MomSelect.  All the opinions and ideas were my own.

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