Saturday, July 21, 2012

Review: Woolite Extra Dark Care and a FREE SAMPLE!

I grew up using Woolite® to wash delicates.  I always loved that luxurious scent and the elegant looking bottle.  My mom always used it on special items such as Angora and Cashmere sweaters, bathing suits and lingerie. I always remember a bottle of Woolite® in the laundry room growing up!  Of course I always have Woolite in my own home and use it frequently.

I was excited to find out through CrowdTap about a few new laundry products that Woolite has recently  introduced including Woolite® Extra Dark Care.  It was wonderful because I received 12 very generous samples of Woolite Extra Dark Care to share with friends through CrowdTap.  It was fun to have a real excuse to meet up with friends and neighbors and share my love of Woolite with them! I love that Woolite® Extra Dark Care was created with  a special formula that gently cleans and helps maintain the original color intensity of all your dark clothes.  That includes my expensive, designer denim.  I don't want my expensive jeans that cost me $200 to fade!  It won't cause fading, shrinking or stretching, so dark colors stay super bright and clothes look like new for longer than with a regular detergent.  I love the way my dark clothes STAY dark--no fading here as long as I use my Woolite Extra Dark Care.

I was excited to see that Woolite has a great coupon available on Facebook for Woolite Extra Dark Care.  Click here to access the Woolite Facebook  page and "like" them to sign up for a high value coupon!  Let me know what you think.  These coupons are usually only available for a limited time so hurry on over to Facebook and grab your coupon before you go shopping!

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