Thursday, August 23, 2012

Review & Giveaway: A Gem Creation Hair Decor

I recently was invited to the MomSelect Swag Suite event as part of a recent blog weekend.  I met a bunch of great brands including Ronit from A Gem Creation.  She had so many beautiful clips, barrettes and more I was stunned.  When I went on her EtsyA Gem Creation page I was totally wowed. You have to check it out.  The colors and designs were so creative too.  Every size you can imagine too!

I chose a Blue Flower Clip as my gift.  It is a beautiful sky blue and clips in my hair easily.  It really adds a lot of flair to any outfit. It is perfect for any occasion too.

You can really see the love and care that goes into each piece that Ronit creates.  She has been crafting for years and has always loved to create things. All AGC items are unique, handmade and rarely repeated which is exciting to me.  She uses a bunch of different fabrics and ribbons, embellishments and hardware which makes each hair item unique. I appreciate that all the clips are lead free and CPSIA compliant.  That makes all the moms comfortable with using them on children too.  She even uses totally non toxic glues and materials. She donates to many causes including families in need.  I really liked that and wanted to support her even more after I read about that.  

You can check out more of her beautiful creations on her Facebook page HERE. Don't forget to visit Etsy to buy any of her pretty pieces too!

Leave a comment about your thoughts on A Gem Creation's hair accessories or tweet about them and a way to contact you in order to be in to win a random piece from their collection!
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Disclosure:  I received a product sample for review. As always, all opinions are my own.

Soft Scrub Blog Giveaway PLUS Tough & Gentle Sweepstakes and Giveaway

Soft Scrub has a new product line of household cleaners that has recently launched call Soft Scrub Total.   It seems like I never have enough household cleaning supplies so the timing was perfect that Soft Scrub kindly shared some free samples of Soft Scrub Total with me too!  There are three great products in the Soft Scrub Total family that all have a patented trigger that allows you to clean with your own choice of a fine mist or a thick foam.  Great right?  Just know that they clean AND deodorize all around your house!  Those handy little triggers even spray upside down so you can get into all those hard to reach places that the family gets dirty!  They are super tough on stains but very gentle to all kinds of surfaces.  The products are powerful and versatile enough to help you to clean your whole house. 

I have used the Soft Scrub Total to clean my kitchen and bathroom and it did a great job on sticky stains in the kitchen. It did equally well on the bathtub and sinks.  Everything looked and smelled super clean after my cleaning day.  I would definitely buy these again...I just saw them at Target too.  Good to know for next month when I am stocking up....
You can also enter here to win your own coupons for Soft Scrub to get your house super clean!
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Don't forget to enter the Soft Scrub Tough & Gentle Sweepstakes with over $3,000 in prizes!  There is one grand prize and fifty 2nd place winners will also get $40 in gift cards!  Enter the Tough & Gentle Sweepstakes here.

Soft Scrub provided a free sample of their Total products to me so I could review them.  However, all of the opinions expressed here are my own.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Combat Source Kill Max Ant Bait and Gel Giveaway and Review

It is summer time and everybody is here for the picnics and yummy snacks....except we also sometimes get some unwanted visitors.  Our beach house is no stranger to this problem--year after year we see those nasty and pesky ants. I never really found anything that helped me to figure out how to kill ants.  How do you get rid of ants?  One year they even attacked birthday cupcakes.  That was the worst.  I knew that I really really need to figure out How to get rid of ants! This year I decided to get smart and, thanks to my friends at Purex Insiders and Combat, I was able to calm the situation down almost to nothing with a complimentary package of Combat Source Kill Max products including Ant Bait and Gel!

Combat sent me an fantastic package of Combat Source Kill Max products that including the ant gel and the ant baits.  I set everything up at the beach house quickly since we already had a minor MAJOR ant problem.  The Combat Source Kill Max baits were very easy to set up and not messy at all. They separated very easily and I saw the ants going right in....heh, heh, heh!  Little did they know.  I also opened up the Combat Source Kill Max gel and got that going too since we had a MAJOR ant issue that needed work.  It had a cool and easy to work plunger and I got it into those cracks and crevices in the floor.   More laughing to myself (hee....hee...hee!)  Those ants were eating up that gel in about 20 minutes.  There were crowds of them eating it up all gathered together like a little ant picnic....I couldn't believe it. The next morning I only saw a few little ones.  By the next day it was down to one or two the whole day.  It has been great ever since with only one or two random ants here and there. Phewwww!  Nothing yucks me out more than ants all over the place!

This is what Combat tells you on their Combat website about the  line of products:

  • One of the fastest active ingredients you can buy to kill ants
  • Insect nerve poison kills ants by contact or ingestion.
  • Starts killing ants in hours so you can see immediate results.
  • High secondary colony kill. Kills ants in a domino effect, eliminating the source of the infestation.

They haven't been back since with the exception of the occasional one or two.  I make sure I keep the house very clean and tidy up any crumbs quickly as always.  I would definitely buy Combat Source Kill Max products again and they are going on my list.  

Don't forget to enter my giveaway below to resolve your own ant problem compliments of Combat.  You can also enter to win an even bigger contest and get $1,000 from Combat by going HERE!

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Combat and Purex provided me with free Combat products to try them and provide my own opinions and experiences. All opinions are my own.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

#Totally Biased with W. Kamau Bell Party

This past week I got a bunch of my friends together at my house for some exclusive previews and the premiere of #TotallyBiased with W. Kamau Bell. It is a new show on FX but surprisingly, W. Kamau Bell is not a new comedian.  He has been popular for a number of years out west and was recently connected with Chris Rock who produces the new show.  I think Chris Rock saw one of his shows and realized how funny W. Kamau Bell was and thought they could partner to put together a great comedy show on tv. The get together and the exclusive content I received to share was a result of my membership in Crowdtap.  How lucky can a girl get, right?  I love comedy, especially edgy stuff so this was a perfect match for me.  It was also a great reason to cook up some yummy snacks and share some wine and beer with friends.

Homemade Chocolate Chip Rice Krispy Treats

Since the show It was called Totally Biased with W. Kamau Bell so you had to figure the show was based on all our biases that we have as diverse Americans.  It was not quite what we expected but it was really funny.  I was really careful in my invitations because I figured it might be kind of crazy, especially since it was a late night show.  It was not as edgy as I thought--but still very funny. Definitely different.  We thought he was trying to be a little more conservative especially for the first show.  Don't get me wrong, it was really funny I think we just thought it toed the line more than we thought that it would.  We enjoyed the jokes and his comments a lot.   

We all took turns playing comedian as a little party game which was hilarious.  Let's just say that some of us are funnier than others.  It is all about timing and Stacy was the winner.  Her prize was a bottle of wine.

If you are interested in joining Crowdtap, it is a fun way to learn about new and existing brands and get rewards like giftcards and other goodies for sharing with friends.  I have been a member for about a year and I love it.  You can join here.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Gutzy Gear Party #GettingGutzy

The back to school shopping has started....ta da!  I can't believe how quickly the summer went by this year.  It is still so warm so it is hard to believe school starts in just about a month.  We have been slowly buying all our supplies and getting ourselves ready. 

Gutzy Gear arrived just in time to get us a bit LOT more excited to go back to school! What is Gutzy Gear you might ask?  Gutzy Gear is a popular new backpack decor strap with Gutzy patches for back to school 2012 that is for little kids and big kids.  Tweens included too!  Gutzies consist of a strap that goes over the backpack strap and stays on securely with velcro. The Gutzy Gear strap gets decorated with a variety of collectible AND tradeable patches that are appropriate for any age. There are tons of options to appeal to sporty Gutzies , fashionable Gutzies , studious or crazy Gutzies kids. Some of the kids were even saying they wanted to buy extra Gutzy Gear straps and patches for their luggage handles or their friend plays the guitar and wanted to decorate his guitar handle too!

We were very happy that we were chosen to hold a Gutzy Gear party.  We have tons of friends from camp and school that were excited to attend so the timing couldn't have been more perfect either.   We had great weather this weekend so it worked out well with all the Gutzy games, the pool activities and the PIZZA!  Everyone was excited to create their own personalized backpack.  Gutzy Gear is THE popular back to school item for 2012!  I was amazed at the selection of Gutzies available...check out Series 1 here.  There is also a Series 2 on their website.  There are Gutzy patches for boys and for girls so everyone can have a really cool backpack.  Perfect back to school gift for those tweens too!
Gutzy Gear is available nationwide and online.   I saw a ton at my local Kmart and ToysRUS.  You can find it at Walmart, ToysRUs, Kmart, Office Depot, Target and even some local specialty stores. Go HERE to find a location near you.

Thanks so much to Gutzy Gear and MomSelect for this super fun home party!