Monday, August 6, 2012

Gutzy Gear Party #GettingGutzy

The back to school shopping has started....ta da!  I can't believe how quickly the summer went by this year.  It is still so warm so it is hard to believe school starts in just about a month.  We have been slowly buying all our supplies and getting ourselves ready. 

Gutzy Gear arrived just in time to get us a bit LOT more excited to go back to school! What is Gutzy Gear you might ask?  Gutzy Gear is a popular new backpack decor strap with Gutzy patches for back to school 2012 that is for little kids and big kids.  Tweens included too!  Gutzies consist of a strap that goes over the backpack strap and stays on securely with velcro. The Gutzy Gear strap gets decorated with a variety of collectible AND tradeable patches that are appropriate for any age. There are tons of options to appeal to sporty Gutzies , fashionable Gutzies , studious or crazy Gutzies kids. Some of the kids were even saying they wanted to buy extra Gutzy Gear straps and patches for their luggage handles or their friend plays the guitar and wanted to decorate his guitar handle too!

We were very happy that we were chosen to hold a Gutzy Gear party.  We have tons of friends from camp and school that were excited to attend so the timing couldn't have been more perfect either.   We had great weather this weekend so it worked out well with all the Gutzy games, the pool activities and the PIZZA!  Everyone was excited to create their own personalized backpack.  Gutzy Gear is THE popular back to school item for 2012!  I was amazed at the selection of Gutzies available...check out Series 1 here.  There is also a Series 2 on their website.  There are Gutzy patches for boys and for girls so everyone can have a really cool backpack.  Perfect back to school gift for those tweens too!
Gutzy Gear is available nationwide and online.   I saw a ton at my local Kmart and ToysRUS.  You can find it at Walmart, ToysRUs, Kmart, Office Depot, Target and even some local specialty stores. Go HERE to find a location near you.

Thanks so much to Gutzy Gear and MomSelect for this super fun home party!

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