Sunday, September 2, 2012

Review: Nice 'n Easy Non-Permanent Haircolor #FlirtWithHairColor

I was excited to be chosen to participate in a new blogger program with  from Nice 'n Easy.  They just launched a great product for anyone that needs a little color pick me up for their hair.  New Non-Permanent Hair Color from Nice 'n Easy lets you kind of date a new hair color before you commit.  The color gradually washes out within 28 shampoos so you can sort of flirt with a pretty new shade of color before you get (hair) tied down.  Fun, especially if you are already married because you can still date and flirt LOL!

Vocalpoint and Clairol were so sweet to send me a free coupon so I could really try it out myself. I have light brown hair that I like to keep a bit lighter than that so I chose  #91 Dark Blonde. 

 It was super easy to use and felt very gentle on my hair and skin.  The color came out very similar to what they showed on the Clairol Website HERE.   It even colored those pesky little gray hairs!  It was very easy to figure out the shade I wanted too.  I loved the easy to read directions that came with the package and on the website.  I would definitely recommend Clairol Nice 'n Easy if you are looking to change your shade but not commit too much or too long.  

Try one or even a few shades and take your time deciding on your fave color!   Remember, 28 shampoos and you are all done. No major commitment.  If you love it then do it again with the same Clairol Nice 'n Easy color too or you can switch to another beautiful Clairol more permanent color!  I bet you will love it.  

Don't forget to check out more fun new products and chat with others online and see what they think on   You can also see what is going on their Facebook page too.  You can go directly there with this link:

You can also follow Clairol on Twitter.  Have fun!

I received a free coupon from Vocalpoint and Clairol in exchange for expressing my opinion.  All opinions and comments are my own.

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