Sunday, October 14, 2012

Fall Fashions: Look no farther than Loehmann's!

I have been shopping at Loehmann's every since I was a teenager.  There was a Leohmann's in the next town over...I can't tell you how many Saturday's I spent in that store.  Once I started to drive...yikes...I would spend the day there!

Well, now it is time again for all the new Fall Fashions! Loehmann's is a great place to find all the most gorgeous fall styles and colors that are on trend including those wine and burgundy pieces you are needing so badly! You will just love all the beautiful additions to your wardrobe below at Loehman’s. I always find something novel and fashionalble at Loehman’s.  They have every size don't worry whether you are a 2 or a 16....   this Loehmann's 20% off coupon through 10/21/12!

 Now you can find so many cool items AND save 20% to boot THROUGH 10/21/12 so hurry.  

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