Tuesday, October 16, 2012

FeverAll Acetaminophen Giftpack Christmas Giveaway

How exciting is it to finally see that your baby is getting teeth? It is wonderful until you see that they can get so uncomfortable and cranky!  A great way to be prepared for this exciting milestone is to keep FeverAll® Infants’ Strength (80 mg of acetaminophen) in the house!   I always like to be prepared and made sure I had a good supply even before my baby was six months. When they are so tiny it is much easier to administer FeverAll®Acetaminophen Suppositories.  FeverAll® is a great alternative to oral acetaminophen for temporary pain relief and fever reduction you can be confident since the dosing is so easy every time too.

Remember that with FeverAll® Infants’ Strength Suppositories on hand, caregivers can be ready to relieve their infant’s fever and pain at any time, anywhere. They are even easy to pop into your diaper bag in case of emergency! Easy-to-use suppositories ensure babies receive the recommended 80 mg dose of acetaminophen every time so no worries Mommy.

A few key reasons why you really should have FeverAll®  in your medicine cabinet:

1.  Benzocaine teething gels are a huge no-no!  Earlier this year the FDA advised against using teething medicine containing benzocaine commonly found in teething gels.  Acetaminophen is safe when used as directed and is commonly recommended by pediatricians as a temporary pain reliever for teething.   Always check with your own pediatrician for further instruction. 

2.  As a parent, you know you need to expect the unexpected! With FeverAll®, you are ready for any pain issues with your child....you can feel confident about relieving pain temporarily or reducing fever even if they can't swallow liquids due to fussiness, vomiting, spitting up or spitting out.

3. FeverAll® is trustedIt's an Official Recommended Product of "MommyMD Guides"  and parents and healthcare providers have relied on the accuracy and easy to use dosing with FeverAll® for more than 30 YEARS to temporarily relieve pain and reduce fever.

4.  There's nothing else like it:  FeverAll® is the top national brand of acetaminophen the suppository form and FeverAll® Infants Strength (80mg) is the ONLY acetaminophen suppository approved for infants as young as six months!

You can find FeverAll® everywhere including CVS, RiteAid, Walgreens and Walmart. It retails for about $7.00 for a package of 6 suppositories.  There are even three strengths ranging from infants to children's and Jr. Strength for kids up to age 12.  You can learn more about FeverAll®on their own website and on their Facebook community.

Here is your chance to win a gift pack with a FeverAll®branded cool pack and FeverAll® medication through my Rafflecopter contest below. Don't forget to enter!   a Rafflecopter giveaway

You can go here to get a coupon for FeverAll® Infants’ Strength Suppositories too!

Disclosure:  I received a free gift pack like the one I am giving away from FeverAll.  As always, all opinions are my own.


Angie B. said...

I'm currently pregnant with my 4th. I've used these for my one son who gets migraines and tends to throw up while he has them so he can't keep regular pain meds down. I'd love to have some of these on hand for the new baby we are expecting.

Anonymous said...

Have lots of patience lots of chilled teethers

Meghan Finley said...

this is something we always keep stocked up in case and always have a cold pack in freezer

Monique Eckert said...

LO just pooped a tooth this week-lots of bibs and nursing and Sophie!

Jorie said...

My son Tristan got his first tooth in yesterday! We are currently freezing lots of teethers and keeping lots of burp cloths on hand for the constant stream of drool.

Erum said...

i will keep medicine on hand


Richelle said...

I learned with baby number one not to wait until you needed the medicine...keep it on hand.

Alexis T said...

I use teethers fresh from the freezer, pain meds and patience!

rookieabh said...

I always have orajel, meds, and teethers ready!

Alexandra Clatterbuck said...

We use homeopathic teething tablets that are amazing and we also use FeverAll =)

Thank you!

Betty Wojnar said...

having the supplies instead od going to the store in the middle of the night