Sunday, October 14, 2012

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I love Dior makeup so how exciting can it be to get chosen to receive The BACKSTAGE CULT FAVORITE FOR 10 YEARS?  The original Diorshow mascara in 090 Noir...the perfect color too. I have been wearing it to work this week and absolutely love all the compliments.  I couldn't believe how many people noticed...asking if I got extensions!  They were so jealous of my beautiful lashes.  They do look really nice if I have to admit it myself.

I have to say mascara is one of the key elements in an everyday look...even the most basic makeup routine needs a good mascara. Diorshow was truly inspired by models on the runway and all those secret behind-the-scenes tricks.  

Diorshow Mascara gives lashes a major dose of glam, leaving them super thick, lengthened and perfectly curved....just the way you like them in your dreams. The brush extra large and really easy to use.  It  is generously curved for so you can max out on your lash coverage.  It has the extra luxe bonus  of the logo-stamped silver packaging that looks elegant in every purse...even an evening bag!

 Dior has lots of options to make your eyes look the most gorgeous.  Check them out below:

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