Sunday, October 28, 2012

Win it!!! YourSantaStory DVD Giveaway; A great PERSONALIZED childs gift for Christmas

I heard about Your Santa Story a few months ago and I was intrigued.  When I received the totally personalized DVD I was absolutely amazed!  It really included all the personal tidbits and details that I had filled in when I ordered it online. My hubby and I could not even believe our eyes when we previewed it.  Santa was talking right to us personally!  I know the little one is going to be sitting there in awe on Christmas morning wondering how Santa knows all her amazing accomplishments this year!  He included details about her music lessons and the special awards she received at achool.  The personalized DVD included all the details too....not a thing was missed!!  She was amazed that Santa knew about how hard she was working at her piano lessons and how he even knew about her new theatre class. He even talked about our family and shared how happy he was that the tropical fish made it through Hurricane Sandy thanks to Daddy and the generator! What a great Christmas gift for anyone!

You can include your own personal details and family story with all the little details that are important to you! Don't forget his amazing flute recital or her great save at the final soccer game of the season.  Include Gramma Sylvie and Pop-Pop and don't forget to include the family pet(s).  What a sweet idea for your little girl(s) or boy(s) to get a totally personalized story DVD from Santa.  I had never seen or heard anything like this before. Your Santa Story has a REAL Santa Claus talking right to your family. You can go to YourSantaStory to learn more and order today!
We all have our own traditions and rituals that make our celebration unique to our family. Whether it is a special Christmas breakfast with Mom's yummy pancakes or even a decoration ritual with your tree or the neighbors, it all is truly meaningful to your family. This is a great way to create more special memories with your own children that you will have forever. How fun to share a unique Christmas tradition that not only celebrates your family's uniqueness but is sure to make the Christmas morning even more special!

"YourSantaStory" is a customized, family-specific DVD that will feature an authentic Santa Claus that will talk to each child in the family by name and talk about all the special events in your family story that Mom or Dad want to tell.  Santa will chat about how your children are doing in school, with specific references to sports, piano lessons or anything else you want him to talk about.  He can mention their excellent behavior or how much their grandparents love them.  He can talk about special events or get togethers with cousins or even milestone vacations! Santa can even tell them that he has hidden one last gift for them because they have been so good this year…and then give them the inside scoop on the location!  Just watch them run too.

Take a peek at the just launched YourSantaStory website to learn more about this fun new holiday tradition. While you're there, you can create your own "YourSantaStory" DVD, available for only $29.95.  Please note that because each DVD is custom made to tell your unique story, there are limited quantities that are able to be produced. It is very fast and easy to do and the website guides you through each step. With Christmas fast approaching, make sure you get your order in as soon as possible to ensure delivery by Christmas morning.

In honor of the holiday season, the team at "YourSantaStory", a tiny squad of determined Moms and Dads just like you that LOVE Christmas, will be spreading the cheer by giving away a "YourSantaStory" DVD every week on Facebook until Christmas, while supplies last! 
You can get more information through Facebook and Twitter.  Check them out on Pinterest too!

Don't forget to enter the contest below to win your very own YourSantaStory DVD for your child!a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclaimer:   I was sent this product to review in exchange for my honest opinion.


Eve said...

Looks like a fun gift for small kids!

latanya t said...

our first holiday with our son

Mellanhead said...

Waking up one morning with my siblings and seeing this huge stuffed woodstock. My little brother saw it and flew down the steps to jump on him

Anonymous said...

Capturing the magical spirit in our home

Meghan Finley said...

i thought i saw santa driving away in a silver van one year

KHBride said...

My brother and I both got new bikes for Christmas when we were little and the weather was surprisingly nice so we got to ride them around the neighborhood.