Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Pinypon Party & Day of Fun #PinyponParty #Pinypon Party

We were so lucky to be chosen to host a MommyParties Pinypon event recently. My little one was so excited because she thought they were the cutest little dolls ever!  They are recommended for girls ages 4-7 years old. They really are super cute little dolls that let you to switch around the parts to make it truly your very own creation!  Each doll actually has two faces.  You can rotate her head and choose a little wig and you can even change the doll's expressions. You can remove her head and legs to make it easy to change outfits. The dolls also have several accessories like purses.  There are even hair bows so you can totally accessorize your little outfits.
 When the girls arrived for the party my little one was really great about sharing her Pinypons. She showed her friends how to work with the dolls and popped the heads and legs right off. She showed them the variations with the bows, outfits and purses. They loved all the little accessories and came up with several stories about Pinypons on vacation in their caravan and Pinypons going to school. They even incorporated our recent experience with Hurricane Sandy into their stories. It was so cute to see them enjoying the dolls and coming up with ideas too.
The set came with Pinypons and a caravan. The caravan itself comes with a bunch of accessories and stickers to decorate it which was a hit too. They had a lot of fun creating creating fun designs and coordinating the different sections for the decorations that wanted to doI was provided with an extra Pinypon caravan set as a raffle prize.  Our little neighbor Olivia was the winner.  She was so excited she was already asking her mom for Pinypons for Christmas to add to her collection!
We also got an extra party bonus...Nenuco Newborn Dolls pictured above. All the guests thought the Nenuco Newborn was so cute...they loved how she makes bubbles!  She takes the bottles, makes bubbles and wets just like a real baby.  She comes with the bottle and a little pink potty too.

After the girls played we let them decorate their own Fashion Makeover Cupcakes with lots of fun toppings.  I put out trays of colored sprinkles, white and milk chocolate chips, gummy bears, worms and gumdrops. They had a nice afternoon and it was great to spend some time with the moms too.

 You can see all the collections for yourself on the Pinypon and NunecoFamosa websites!  You can find also find Pinypon on Facebook and Twitter.  You can connect with NenucoFamosa on Facebook and Twitter as well. I always like to connect with my fave brands on social never know what kind of goodies they pass along to their followers!

I received complimentary products from NunecoFamosa through my relationship with MommyParties.  As always, all opinions are my own

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