Thursday, December 27, 2012

Giveaway & Review: Premama Prenatal Vitamin Drink Mix Mommy more horsepills!

I was eager to get my Premama Prenatal Drink Mix and check it out when I heard that I was chosen to host a MommyParty recently.  I have tons of mom friends who were excited about a new prenatal vitamin option so the timing was perfect this past weekend when a bunch of us were free.  MomSelect and Premama sent me an adorable Party Kit to get things started.  They included some yummy drink ideas, easy appetizers and a delicious crumb cake recipe.  They also gave me an idea for a Blind Beverage Taste Test.  A nice Sunday afternoon get together with some light snacks and fun drinks with the girls.  Perfect!

Just so you know, I am not preggers right now but I clearly remember those giant horse pill prenatal vitamins that were the requirement up until recently. Yuck. There just weren't any other options so we all just took them.  No way out of it.  They were definitely not fun to take especially with morning all day sickness that just seemed to drag on forever!  I so wish that Premama was around back when I was pregnant because we all know that Prenatal health is so important for both mom and baby.
Everyone was interested to hear that Premama Prenatal Vitamin Drink Mix is a  flavorless powdered prenatal supplement that eliminates the need to swallow a pill. Premama can be easily mixed with juice, iced tea, sports drinks, smoothies,shakes and so much more!  We tried it with orange juice, apple juice, cranberry juice and milk.

I prepped a few fun party drink recipes for my guests.  The ladies were amazed that you can actually can mix Premama with any kind of liquid you like.  Keep in mind that it is unflavored so you might want to choose something with flavor. Each cute little stick packet has two servings so you can even split them up to take during the day.  I had already tried it mixed into my morning smoothie the day before (bananas and Greek yogurt with a few blueberries for good measure) so I knew it tasted great.  One of the yummy drink recipes I made for my Premama MommyParty was the Cherry-Almond Smoothie below:

1 cup frozen organic pitted black cherries
¾ cup soy or organic skim milk
1 tablespoon unsalted almond or soynut butter
1 teaspoon maple syrup (optional)
¼ teaspoon vanilla extract (if not using vanilla soy milk)

In a blender (or the small work bowl of a food processor), puree the ingredients until smooth. You can add the Premama before or after blending. Serve cold.

All the ladies were impressed to hear that the ingredients found in Premama Prenatal Vitamin Drink Mix are proven to reduce the risk of some birth defects by 70% or more:
  • Folic Acid to help reduce the risk of neural tube defects
  • Chelated iron for healthy blood cell formation
  • Vitamin D3 for bone health and immune function
  • Coenzyme Q10 to help reduce the risk of pre-eclampsia
  • Ginger root to help with nausea relief
  • Many more vitamins and minerals to support healthy fetal growth

We had a fun time learning more about Premama and seeing how easily it can be added to any of our regular drinks.  Check out Premama and get going taking those healthy and yummy vitamins for your baby's good health.  You can use the code Sweepstakes2013 for an extra 15% discount too!
  Don't forget to enter my Rafflecopter giveaway below for your chance to win a free 30 day supply of Premama too!a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclaimer:  I received a free sample and information on Premama through MomSelect in order to review it and share the information with others.  As always, my opinion is always my own.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Sole Society Shoes Exclusive Discount Code

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I just got this the other day and had to post right away for all you Glamamama followers.  Thanks to my Influenster Holiday 2012 VoxBox I have some exclusive discounts for you! I know New Years is coming up fast and the holiday parties are in full swing. What girl doesn't need new shoes and boots for all these events?  Check out Sole Society, a new chic and exclusive website with gorgeous on-trend shoes. Prices are reasonable too and start at only $49.95.  

Sole Society was just launched in March 2011 and it has become super popular for several reasons.  One of them is that Sole Society members have access to exclusive fashion and style content, tips and trends from the Fashion Insiders.  You also become eligible for special promotions all related to shoes, and who doesn't love exclusive deals?  They have boots, flats, heels and more.  You can also check out those Collections specially curated by the Fashion Insiders....they are hand-selected seasoned industry experts with exquisite taste!

When you join, you can see that Sole Society provides you with detailed photos for each item you view along with a good description and even some tips on what kind of clothing to wear with that particular pair of shoes.  I love that! Another advantage is that Sole Society has excellent quality zoomable photos of all color and pattern variations of each shoe from different angles. Sole Society is  precise with their detailed descriptions of the shoes along with tiny but important facts on the heel height.

The web site is well designed to and easy to navigate.  All orders shipped within the contiguous United States are shipped free of charge both ways too. If you need to return an item for a different size or wish to exchange it for a totally different item you can do so free of charge.

Now for the exciting part:   Use the discount code INFLUENSTER25 on your first purchase and you will save $25!   

Don't forget to check out Sole Society on your favorite social media sites too! Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.  Let everyone know what you think and show off your style!

Sunday, December 23, 2012

BIC 4-Color Instant Win Contest and Review

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I loved, loved, loved the BIC 4 color pen back when I was in school school and remember everybody had that familiar blue and white pen with the plastic ball on top in their school bag if they were really cool.  BIC has revised the BIC 4 color pen and now it is even better.  I was excited to receive not one but two of them through my relationship with Smiley360.  I was thrilled to share the fun with my teenage niece...I can't wait for her to share the joy of creating little projects with all the fun colors just like I have been doing! I love that the new version has a loop at the top so you can carry it on a cool handmade or store bought lanyard or maybe even a key chain.

I love to use my BIC 4 color pen to write my holiday cards and even to send my thank you notes for all the great gifts I received. Now I know it is 2012 but thank you notes are always in vogue and appreciated so use your BIC 4 color pen and let your friends and family know that you have some style and flair.

My little one loves to use the BIC 4 color pen to make fun art and also uses it for crafts! I like to stash it in my purse for those times you need something to keep the kiddos occupied..what a great opportunity for them to create something one if a kind and much healthier than more time on those iPhone games.

Don't forget to like BIC Pen Pals on Facebook and enter the BIC Write Your Holiday Wish Instant Win for a chance to win tons of great holiday prizes. There is no purchase necessary.  It is US only.  Hurry fast because the contest ends 12/28/12.  I love to follow my fave brands like BIC because you know they are always adding great promotions and information for their fave fans!

Goody QuikStyle Paddle Brush Review

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I recently received this new brush from Goody through my relationship with Influenster.  I love Goody products but I hadn't seen this one yet.  I noticed in the Influenster materials and on the Goody website that there is also a half round Styler as well.  I noticed those blue microfibers right away.  They are  in between each of the hard brush bristles.  The microfiber bristles are there to soak up the excess (up to 30%!!) water in your hair and can help to dry it faster. There are also vents on each side of the bursh to maximize the air flow. The front of the package actually points out that it helps reduce water by 30% to dry faster.  That is great news when you have really thick and frizzy curly hair like I do!

I'm always looking for faster ways to get my hair to dry.  I have tried lots of good brushes but nothing really made a difference.  I really did need this kind of good hairbrush! I used it a few times already with pretty good results.  After washing my hair I towel dried it once, then put the Goody QuikSTYLE to the test. It took a good amount of excess water from the hair.  There definitely was less water dripping from my hair and I noticed my bathrobe was not getting damp around the neck and upper back.  The Goody QuikSTYLE brush also untangled my hair very well.  I liked that QuikSTYLE is also pretty darn light so your arm doesn't get tired either.  I used the brush along with my blow dryer and it helped move the process along a lot faster than usual too. Don't forget to run a comb through the bristles every few times to clean it properly so it can continue to work optimally for you.  I would recommend it to you and I am happy Influenster introduced it to me. It retails for $11.99.

Disclaimer:  I received product complimentary for testing purposes through Influenster.  As always, all opinions are my own.