Saturday, December 15, 2012

Akodomon AppGear Review..Great Christmas Stocking Stuffer!

I recently was lucky enough to recently attend an event hosted by The Big Toy Book in NYC and was introduced to several great toys and games.  One of them was a fun game by WowWee and AppGear.  You couldn't help but get excited by Akodomon when you saw how enthusiastic the representatives for AppGear were! It was clear that they really loved gaming and toys and had their hearts in the right place with the things that they created.

Akodomon are these small little creatures that harbor big 'ole secrets.  Who doesn't love trying to find out a secret?  You have to help them find out the secrets of their true powers.  Along the way you go on exciting quests, engage in epic battles, discover hidden areas all in order to help restore peace to the beautiful land of Akodomon. Achievements along your journey let you collect coins to spend and hunt for special gems, which give you magical powers.  It is really fun to play.

Each of the characters has their own special skill too:

  • Shara:  sword skills and fighting technique
  • Gongo: skilled with the boomerang and stubborn
  • Tiko:  the slingshot is his weapon of choice
  • Snubbs: super long and dexterous tongue
  • Zira:fast and accurate shot with blow darts
  • Stig:  powerful and fierce with a spear

You must raise and train your Akodomon properly. You raise them, train them to excel in their adventures and battles and then watch them succeed. Your success in properly raising and interacting with your Akodomon actually determines what kind of creature it will evolve into which is amazing.

I would definitely recommend this enjoyable game for any boy or girl 9+.  If you are looking for a Christmas gift, Akodomon is a great stocking stuffer at $9.99 you can't beat the value.  You can find out more about where to buy Akodomon here. Don't forget to follow AppGear on Facebook and Twitter.

Multiplayer battles can take place over local Wi-Fi or online. Compatible for iPod touch, iPhone and Android. You can battle in Multiplayer mode with Wi-fi or online.  Designed for ages 9 years and up.

Disclosure:  I received a complimentary copy of Akodomon from AppGear. As always, all opinions are my own.

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