Sunday, December 23, 2012

BIC 4-Color Instant Win Contest and Review

@Smiley360  #BIC4ColorPen 

I loved, loved, loved the BIC 4 color pen back when I was in school school and remember everybody had that familiar blue and white pen with the plastic ball on top in their school bag if they were really cool.  BIC has revised the BIC 4 color pen and now it is even better.  I was excited to receive not one but two of them through my relationship with Smiley360.  I was thrilled to share the fun with my teenage niece...I can't wait for her to share the joy of creating little projects with all the fun colors just like I have been doing! I love that the new version has a loop at the top so you can carry it on a cool handmade or store bought lanyard or maybe even a key chain.

I love to use my BIC 4 color pen to write my holiday cards and even to send my thank you notes for all the great gifts I received. Now I know it is 2012 but thank you notes are always in vogue and appreciated so use your BIC 4 color pen and let your friends and family know that you have some style and flair.

My little one loves to use the BIC 4 color pen to make fun art and also uses it for crafts! I like to stash it in my purse for those times you need something to keep the kiddos occupied..what a great opportunity for them to create something one if a kind and much healthier than more time on those iPhone games.

Don't forget to like BIC Pen Pals on Facebook and enter the BIC Write Your Holiday Wish Instant Win for a chance to win tons of great holiday prizes. There is no purchase necessary.  It is US only.  Hurry fast because the contest ends 12/28/12.  I love to follow my fave brands like BIC because you know they are always adding great promotions and information for their fave fans!

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