Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Ella's Kitchen Organic Baby Food Review

I recently was lucky enough to recently attend an event hosted by The Big Toy Book in NYC and was introduced to a ton of great toys and games.  I was interested in another company that was there as well but with food instead of toys. Healthy and yummy baby food.  Wow. You can't beat that combination. This was my first introduction to Ella’s Kitchen Organic Baby food.   The history of the company started with a real "Ella" and her Dad. He wanted to create healthy, yummy, fun food for Ella.  They developed an incredible line of yummy products that are good for your little ones AND taste good. I loved them they were that good.

The products have unique and actually sophisticated combos of flavors and textures that you can almost forget they are meant for babies. They are all yummy and nutritious too which is super important to me.

All Ella’s Kitchen products are 100% Organic. This also means that they have higher levels of Vitamin C and essential minerals such as Calcium, Magnesium, Iron and Chromium. The products contain no additives.  You are getting pure, healthy food.  There arent any thickeners or preservatives or even added sugar. Their flavors are fun and kind of kooky in a good way:  broccoli, pears and peas, apples and bananas and carrots apples and parsnips to mention a few.  I tried them all and I tell you they are really good. My little niece and daughter slurped them right down.

I noticed on their website that they also have meals like the Hugely Hearty Four Bean Feast, fruit smoothies, adorable little baby cookies and whole grain fruit bars.  Ellas products are convenient too since none of them require refrigeration (whoo-hoo!) and can pop right into a purse, diaper bag, or even a lunch box.  They flash pasteurizing their fruits and veggies, creating contaminant–free, healthy, tasty and safe products for kids that have a super long shelf life. I love it!

You can buy Ella's Kitchen products on Diapers.com, Target, BabiesRUs, Amazon.com, Ella’s Online Store. I totally recommend their products to all parents, whether your kid is in diapers, training pants or big kid underwear. It is great way to introduce solid food to your babies, and are definitely the kind of products that will grow with your developing child. Check ‘em out!  You’ll be glad you did.

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