Sunday, December 16, 2012

It's Slinky Song Musical Box Review-Remember the fun!

I was recently reintroduced to Slinky® , one of my fave toys from when I was a little girl.  I was lucky enough to get an invite to The Big Toy Book Biggest Day of Holiday Play in New York City on Saturday, December 10. POOF®-Slinky®, Inc. was there with the original Slinky® plus all of their new Slinky toys! 

POOF®-Slinky®, Inc. had the most adorable toy ever, It’s Slinky® Song Musical Box, which was recently released in honor of the 60thanniversary of the “It’s Slinky® Song.” Did you know this was the longest running commercial jingle in television history?  I didn't until last Saturday! The It’s Slinky® Song Musical Box features a Special Edition Rose Gold Slinky® in a singing box that plays the “It’s Slinky® Song” when you open it.  Who doesn't love a music box?  This definitely is a fun Christmas present or holiday gift for people of any age. It is not too big so I would even suggest it as a good stocking stuffer!

The It’s Slinky® Song Musical Box commemorates Slinky®’s place in American culture with a special edition Slinky® accompanied by that jingle that we all know and love. Just like all Slinky® products, the It’s Slinky® Song Musical Box featuring Special Edition Rose Gold Slinky® is made in America.  Don't you love that??

Slinky® is a fun retro holiday gift idea for anyone. They even have a luxe slinky version below in gold that comes in that beautiful box that would make a great corporate gift for that client who is a challenge to buy for. 

As  POOF®-Slinky®, Inc. says, Slinky truly is a classic piece of Americana and a quintessential childhood toy.  Everyone loves Slinky® just can't help but smile when you see it. 

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