Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Koosh Galaxy Star Scout Foam Ball Blaster Review #TBTBholiday

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to attend a wonderful pre-holiday event for bloggers through The Big Toy Book Biggest Day of Play.  It was a super fun day with great toys! One of the toys I was introduced to was from the new Hasbro Koosh Galaxy series launcher line called the Star Scout.  Hasbro has tons of great outdoor toys for children, including the new Koosh Galaxy series launchers. The great part is that they are specifically designed with younger kids in mind.  Each ball launcher in the KOOSH Galaxy series is sized for those smaller hands and encourages imagination and active play.  We all want our kids to be more active and this is a sneaky fun way to get them to run around with each other and get some good exercise at the same time. 

I have to say my own little big one eyed it right away and couldn't wait to get outside and start blasting. She was running around like a kook having a great time.  The one thing that I will do this week though is to buy extra foam balls in addition to buying a second blaster. The Star Scout only comes with two balls which really isn't enough. Maybe I will just buy them online as well on Koosh.

The Koosh Galaxy launchers are also perfect for younger children who have older siblings who enjoy Nerf products. Now everyone can get it on the fun with no worries.  The balls are super soft foam and do not hurt even if they hit you very close.
Koosh Solar Recon Ball Launcher Blaster by HasbroThere are four launchers in the Koosh Galaxy series including Space Agent,  Star Scout, Alien Archer, and Solar Recon Ball Launchers. Each launcher comes with two to four soft foam Koosh balls There are four blasters in the Koosh Galaxy series including Space Agent, Alien Archer, Star Scout and Solar Recon Ball Launchers.
See the entire line of Koosh Galaxy Blasters, accessories and refills on the official website!  While the new series was designed for kids 4 and up, older sibs will have fun playing with the Koosh Galaxy series launchers too.

 I received a complimentary Koosh Galaxy Star Scout from Hasbro Nerf for review purposes. My opinions and comments on this blog are, as always, my own.

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