Sunday, December 16, 2012

Savvy Sampler R.W. Knudsen all-natural Lemon Lime Spritzer Review

Naturally Savvy had so many complimentary goodies included in my of them that I was particularly excited to see was from R. W. Knudsen.  They included a sample bottle of their Lemon Lime SpritzerLemon-lime is one of my favorite flavors too This is a refreshing, sparkling beverage that is all natural with no sugar added. There aren't any artificial sweeteners added either. How refreshing---really!! It is also gluten free.

I have to say the spritzer went down easy and it was really refreshing.  I liked that it also contained 60% juice.  I would look for these the next time I went shopping.  Nice to have for  little refreshing treat sometimes.  I can also see using these as a base for summertime cocktails. Sometimes Glamamama just need a little fancy cocktail on the weekends to relax a little after a hectic week.
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