Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Big Toy Book Biggest Day of Holiday Play #TBTBholiday

I was so excited to be a part of The Big Toy Book Biggest Day of Holiday Play #TBTBholiday in New York City.  There were so many wonderful brands and toys it was an incredibly exciting day.  I felt like a little kid again!  All the kids had a great time and it was fun to see them engaging with all the fantastic toys.

Some of the toys that really caught my eye were the Mystixx® Vampires.  The line has four really cool looking fashion dolls that are have tons of friends at school but they transform into these powerful vampire dolls at night.   Mystixx® Vampires are gorgeous 11" fashion dolls that can flip at the touch of your little one's hand. The faces actually flip around so they are essentially a two-in-one doll!  

Each doll in the collection has two totally different faces and one is has funky vampire teeth.  Each doll has two outfits and two sets of shoes, two different wigs, and a variety of accessories.  They retail for a very reasonable $19.99.  You can buy Mystixx  exclusively at Toys ‘R’ Us® and on their website  They are meant for and are children ages six and up.  My 3rd grader was totally entranced by the Talin Mystixx Vampire doll she received.  You can get more information here

The Boogie Board LCD eWriter was one of the most interesting toys that I saw on Saturday. I had never heard of it before and was pretty much fascinated by the technology. It is essentially a "green", electronic paperless way to keep notes, draw or doodle while saving tons of wasted paper. It was fun and easy to use.  I liked that the stylus moved very smoothly across the Boogie Board.  

The Boogie Board will let you can say goodbye to looking for another memo pad to take down a phone number or scribble a reminder to buy milk...again.  The Boogie Board could definitely be a toy with all those bright, colors but they also have a business appropriate white model.  Sleek black is another option too.  You can really write, draw, play games, solve problems, or even have your little one practice those times tables.  Whatever you can do with a piece of paper and a writing instrument you can do with the Boogie Board and do it in a more eco-friendly way! 

I was impressed with how light and thin the Boogie Board was.  It is constructed very durably so you can feel confident letting it keep the kids busy during downtimes.  They are available everywhere from Amazon to Walmart and ToysRUs. 

Lite Brix Lazer Copter
I have always been kind of fascinated with anything that shines or glitters so I was attracted to the beautiful colored lights coming from the LiteBrix booth.  I received the Lazer Copter which rebuilds into two different models.  How fantastic is that?  You can take it apart and refashion it into a Patrol Sled so it is a 2 in 1 toy...a bonus I love.  LiteBrix is a fun 3-D light up building set.  It was easy to put the helicopter together and my 3rd grader had a lot of fun with it. We all loved the color changing LED lights.  Perfect for the Christmas season too!  The wonderful part is that the bright LED lights are compatible with other building bricks.  

Light Brix is intended for children 3 years old and up because there are small parts.  You also will need 3 AA batteries and a phillips head screwdriver to gets those lights going. Easy enough but good to know while you are in the store that is why I shared! Once you put your LiteBrix set together they cycle through 3 different blinking colors. It was so cool to watch too! 

The other Light Brix models include a super Jet Fighter, a Lumi Star Racer, a space trooper and a Lumi-cycle. You can collect them all.  You can find them everywhere from Amazon and ToysRUS to Barnes and Noble.

You can check out these toys and more at The Big Toy Book.  It is a great way to get some novel ideas for those children's Christmas gifts!

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Anonymous said...

wow, i will be shopping for these great new finds! Thanks for your helpful commments and letting us know about these new products

Jennifer said...

The boogie board is so cool - that is on our Christmas list this year!